Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#Tweetseat With Bumble&Bumble, Ojon, Smashbox and Boots!

When I walked into Boots I couldn't help but be excited! The stands are always so pretty & I always wants to buy something... But restrain myself all the time haha.

I met Kirsty from Bumble & Bumble & Ojon & she talked to me about the amazing products they have in their ranges.

Bumble & Bumble is all about creating style. With waxes, creams, oils, gels, mists & sprays there's a whole host of products for every hair time to make your hair look (& feel) the best it can.

Ojon is all about repairing the hair. Whether it's heat damage, water damage, colour damage, or your hair is dry with split ends, Ojon will have a product to suit your needs & get your hair back to happy & healthy. Ojon products are made up of a lot of the same compounds as what is in our hair so can replenish all those nutrients & good things we wash away or colour out.

Now that I've given you a bit of an idea on the products, check out what Kirsty used on my mane.

It's Hair Time! 

In the first photo my hair is quite fluffy, mane like & not really in any style. This is what I like to call my "I haven't done anything to my hair today" look, as really I haven't.

I just brush & go. My hair has a natural wave which generally I just leave, but spending the day with Kirsty made me realise there's loads of great products which can enhance my natural waves & make them look amazing with minimal effort. Horraaaay!

The first product Kirsty used on my hair was the Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme. This made my hair a lot more manageable and prepped it for styling.  It's also a heat protector so was perfect for the next step as Kirsty used a 2 inch wide curling iron to add some soft & subtle waves & create more texture in my already wavy hair. This added a lot more body to the root & made my hair look 10 times better already, even with just 1 product & a quick curl.

The next product Kirsty used was the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil which smelt AMAZING and really nourished the ends of my hair and made the ends feel really healthy.  I was so surprised with the Bumble & Bumble range as even though I was having product put into my hair, it didn't feel weighed down, heavy or sticky which was great. I find myself staying away from putting products in as always find they make my hair crispy or heavy, but with Bumble & Bumble this definitely wasn't the case. My hair felt like hair & smelt amazing, as all their products have a lovely fresh smell as believe it or not they're designed for men too!

Kirsty knows I love a bit of volume in my hair, especially at the root, as because my hair is long, very thick & wavy, my roots can often look flat from the weight of my hair. She then applied Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish., one on each side so I could see the effect of both products.

The Surf Spray was more beachy looking and left slightly more defined waves, pretty much how you'd imagine your hair to look after it's dried after coming home from the seaside. And the Dryspun Finish gave the same effect made my hair more subtle and gave the waves more texture and volume. When Kirsty had finished with my hair I was so happy with the finished result. The waves were defined but not crispy & looked really natural & considering the amount of products in my hair compared to my usual zero products, my hair felt great too & the whole process was fairly speedy & Kirsty & I were nattering on & on too!

So here's my finished hair, I love it & I've definitely been inspired to make a lot more effort with my hair now. Well I say effort haha :)

Makeup Time

So now onto make up where I met the lovely Roya from Smashbox. Roya helped me choose the best primers, shades & colours for my skin & was so lush.

We chose the Colour Correcting Primer as I have a lot of redness in my skin as you can see in the before photo. 

Bare in mind I did go to Boots with a bit of BB cream on so the hair photos aren't bare faced, although I look it. Definitely need to try wearing a bit more haha.

She used a foundation brush to apply the primer, concentrating on my nose, cheeks & chin as they're my reddest patches. She then coloured matched me to the Liquid Halo Foundation in Shade 2 which is a foundation made up of loads of vitamins and minerals which is great and really gentle on the skin acting like skin care as well as makeup. Roya applied this with a foundation brush too & the end result was flawless. The finish looked really nice, kind of in the middle between matt & dewey and didn't feel heavy on my skin. She then popped some HD Concealer in Light under my eyes to get rid of any bags and make me look more fresh faced and awake!

She then applied some bronzer to contour using Sunkissed Matte and them some blusher from the Halo range in Warm Glow which was a gorgeous soft peach and it suited me so well. Roya also highlighted my cheek bones and under brow bone with the Soft Light Highlighter in Shimmer.

Next step, my eyes & something which I struggle with. However much eyeshadow I put on I always end up looking like I'm not wearing any. Definitely think it's down to the fact I think I'll over do it but Roya really helped me see how dark I could go... And look great too. She started off with the 24 hour Shadow Primer and then used a number of light & dark browns & a black from the Full Exposure Palette and I loved the result. It really made my eyes stand out. She the lined my water line with Always Sharp Liner in a brown shimmery shade called Penny Lane and put on a coat of Full Exposure Mascara. 

I then had my brows done so to frame my face and make my eyes pop even more and for this Browtech in Brunette.

Then to finish of the look I chose a deep plum lip colour in the shade Fig & my look was complete.

Then it was time for some shameless selfies & fun photos to show off my new look.

I really loved it so much & am definitely going to try recreating the make up & hair at home. I've been practising the eyes each day & haven't quite got to the right level of darkness but it's going well. I'm hoping to pull it out the bag & wear the eye make up to a wedding on Friday so fingers crossed!

Thanks so much to Kirsty & Roya & Boota, Bumble & Bumble & Smashbox for hosting project #tweetseat I loved being a part of it & I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it & have fallen in love with some of the products.

Becs xxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Project #Tweetseat

Can I have a drumroll please….. I have some very exciting news. 

If you've read any of my previous posts you'll see that I'm getting on board and starting a new project with the people of a Boots store near me in Cheltenham. 

Bumble & Bumble, Ojon & Smashbox have got together for project #tweetseat and I'm so excited to be getting involved and blogging for them.

Each season, once a month, I'll be going to Boots and trying out great new products from these 3 amazing brands and having a new hair style from Individual Glamour and Ojon and Bumble & Bumble's Kirsty who will be helping me show you guys how to create the latest hair looks at home with some fantastic products.

Teamed with the lovely ladies at Smashbox I'll also be trying out some great summer party looks, wedding guest looks and throughout the seasons, autumnal looks and even at the end of the year, perfect looks for the party season. 

I'm so excited to get stuck in and show you guys before and afters and how the looks are going to be created. And if I get some products I'll be sure to do some looks of my own and reviews too.

I've used Smashbox before and loved it but I could never get it that easily as there wasn't anywhere local which stocked it… until now! So I'm really looking forward to trying their products again and seeing what new and exciting things they've got on their counter.

Bumble&Bumble and Ojon I've heard such great things about and I cannot wait to see what their products do to my mane of hair. 

I'm there this Saturday 7th June so if you're local come say hi! 

Be suer to follow me on Twitter @becwaters and on Instagram @bec_waters as I'll be posting pics as I go as well as loads of bits here on TrendetBeau too.

Remember to search for #tweetseat as well to see what the Smashbox, Bumble&Bumble and Ojon team are doing too!