Monday, 26 May 2014

My Life In Bags & Boxes

After getting our house keys at the end of march & being uber excited for the prospect of moving into our new home, Saturday couldn't come quick enough!

All going well we finally get to move into our new home this weekend! Kitchen is (fingers crossed) being fitted this weekend which should mean we can get on in there. 

After renovating to the max for the lad 2 months I CANNOT wait to get in there. The bedrooms are done, living room done, kitchen should be done & other rooms are done but just need finishing touches but we're looking forward to all the little projects we can do when we're in. As surely we'll get bored when we've been hands on for two months & then suddenly we have time to relax?! Our sofas are still in the plastic ! 

Be prepared for a few house updates over the next few months then a house tour in photos when it's completely done.

On a beauty note, I'm doing a collab with BOOTS, Smash Box, Ojon & Bumble & Bumble next month & will be showcasing loads of products & looks. I'm so excited to say this is a whole new venture & is going to be a monthly feature full of new looks for each season! Very exciting so keep your eyes peeled :)


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