Thursday, 15 May 2014

I'm Oil Free!!

For as long as I can remember I have always had an oily face. Might not be a fresh hot topic but let's be honest, we all have those days (some apparently more frequent than others).

I was fed up of my make up sliding around my face or when i touched my skin it just rubbing off. I've tried so many foundations and primers and they all say "Perfect for oily skin" and I'm always left feeling a bit peeved, because let's be honest who likes wasting money on products which don't work for your skin.

I've tried setting powders, oil free make up, mattifying creams and nothing works. Okay, for the first part of the day my face looks fresh, natural and my make up looks perfect, but give it 3 hours and I'm as shiny as anything and look like I've just ran a marathon. 

So… (this story isn't all doom and gloom) I decided to try something which I think is really weird, Face Blotting Papers. I wasn't sure how well they'd work or how weird it would be, but none the less I went out to Superdrug and bought a pack, the Deep Action Skincare Mattifying Shine Control Papers. They're not the cheapest thing in the world at £2.59 but you get 60 sheets in this little book so really it's a right bargain.

The idea of them is when you start to look or feel a bit greasy, you rip out a sheet and just press it against your face. It takes off the oil, removes the shine BUT doesn't remove your make up.

Now I've done this before with a tissue (haha) and I've seen plenty of make up smeared all over the sheet when I've finished so wasn't aiming for high expectations but I was really surprised.

I tried them on a Hen Weekend, so it was a proper hard core first outing for these bad boys. I put my make up on at 7:30am and was out the door by 7:50am and then on the train by 8:05am. I told my friend all about this little book and said when I look shiny let me know and I'll whack them out. So 2 hours into the journey I felt a bit slimy so thought here goes nothing and ripped out a sheet and dabbed it on my face. WOW is all I can say at the amount of grease it took off but my make up didn't budge!! RESULT!

I used them a total of 3 times throughout the day and never had to touch up my make up at all. I really think I've found my saviour in this little book of blotters. Okay it'd be great to find a make up which means I didn't  need to blot my face but if all else fails I've definitely got these to fall back on.

It's safe to say they're now a permanent resident in my handbag! 

Have you tired the face blotting papers before? Let me know what you thought below! 

Becs xx

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