Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Food Shoppin' : #londonproject

I'm part of the London Project, hosted by April Todd from www.beautifaceblog.com

So next on the #londonproject is places to eat in London. 

Now, I have to be honest but my London food knowledge is prettttty low, mainly because I'm not a Londoner, but saying that I do work up in the big smoke so have one teeny gem up my sleeve.

Like mussels? You'll love Belgo. Set in the gorgeous Covent Garden (well a stones throw away from it) they do the best mussels ever. Whether you want a massive pot full or a mere nibble to try them for a first time, they cater for everyone. 
Granted they do other food too so if you're not mad about your mussels there's great salads, burgers, steaks & even lobster!

And the best bit? The restaurant is underground! I know these restaurants are quite common in London but out in the Cotswolds these do not exist so I always think it's an amazing unique quirk which is bound to impress on any date.

And recently one of my friends told me about an amazing new Burrito Bar at Padington Station so if you're around and need a quick bite to eat, that give a burrito ago! :) 

Here's the other blog in the #londonproject created by the lovely April Todd from www.beautifaceblog.com so check them out too.

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