Saturday, 25 January 2014

My Top Winter Coat Picks

I know it's a tad late in the season, but come on, here in the UK we often have snow in March! So if you haven't found that perfect winter coat yet, you still have time.

I was trawling through the high street at the end of last year looking for my new winter coat, as let's be honest, after you've brought the same one out year after year for a fair while, it starts to look a bit drab, so this year it was time for me to upgrade.

My old coat was a camel coloured swing jacket, with a furry hood and two pom pom balls. I'll insert a photo so you know what I mean, see, this was snow last February so it might still be coming! Also, please appreciate the amazing orange cat hat and the very very small snowman!

So this year I wanted to keep along the duffle coat theme. I really love the way duffle coats look as they always look classy but modern and really will never date. I also look for a hood when buying a new coat, as with the weather here you never know if you'll have to whack a hood up as you've not time to fumble around for a brolly.

I've lost a bit of weight from last winter so I wanted to ditch the swing style and go for something slightly more fitted, so after looking through shop after shop and website after website I found my perfect one….

So here's my top 5 winter duffle coats which are perfect for this season. And of course my number 1 is the coat I own. And I love it.

5 - TopShop
Hooded Lightweight Jacket 

The perfect casual, day to day coat. It's navy blue which is a great colour for winter as it matches everything plus it don't really show up dirt. (always a plus). It reminds me of a Babour Jacket too!


4 - Matalan
Wool Blend Fit And Flare Coat 

Everyone needs a warm black coat and this one is stunning. It's mid length which will keep your bum warm (perfect if you end up perched on a wall or sitting on a cold bench while waiting for someone…or a bus!) It has a tie waist belt which accentuates your waist and has a funnel neck to keep you extra toasty.

Buy it here


3 - F&F At Tesco
Faux Fur Collar Textured Dolly Coat 

Now this coat is my definition of cute and amazing. The soft faux fur, the colour, the cut, it's perfection in a coat and I love it. And it's a bargain at £60 from Tesco!! Yep, Tesco! I couldn't believe it when I found this beauty. Need I say more?

2 - Debenhams Collection
 Natural Hooded Duffle Coat

This coat was a contender for my winter warmer but I did end up passing it by and getting the next coat on the list. This one is gorgeous and I love the details of the large button style toggles on this duffle coat. It's very clean cut and a gorgeous colour, I was just afraid I'd get it dirty!

Buy it here


1 - Collection at Debenhams 
Grey Hooded Duffle Coat 
Currently £40 down from £80

This coat is gorgeous. I love the fabric, it feel great quality and keeps you feeling warm even though it's not that thick. The colour is a soft grey and it suits pretty much all skin tones, as well as matching the majority of clothes in my wardrobe.
I firstly saw this online then went to hunt in the shop for it and when I saw it I was like YEEEESSSS! It's a lovely fit as it cinches you in at the waist without anything obviously doing so, it's just the cut of the coat. It's also a duffle coat which I think is my favourite style. I always seem to get zipped coats caught on tops and scarfs so I always feel safer with an old fashioned duffle haha.

So there’s my top picks! Enjoy finding your perfect coat this season. 
Becs x

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