Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!… 
Yes, I know I'm seriously late on that bandwagon and that ship has now sailed, but it really has been such a busy few weeks for me! 

With Christmas, then New Year and then the back to work slog, everything has literally got on top of me and everything is a bit mental (I'm sure this is the same for everyone?) But now I have some free time again I can get back into talking and writing for you guys.

I always say "I'm Back!" "Here I Am" "Back For Good" but this is me making a resolution to myself, better late than never I have to say, but here it is:

I Bec From Trend et Beau
Vouch To Try My Darnest
To Write A Blog Post At Least 3 Times A Month
Making Entertaining And Fun Post
And Hopefully Gaining A Few Followers.

Well there's my pact, and I won't count this as one of my posts of this month other wise that'd be a bit silly.

Here's what I have planned for the rest of January:
A Shop Review (Not your run of the mill shop either, so keep your eyes peeled if you like a bit of alternative like I do)
A Primer Review - I Love IT!!
One of my favourite Nail Varnish Looks of the moment.

The first one should make an appearance later on today or tomorrow so here's to a new year and a new start for Trend et Beau.

Hope you all had great holidays and a Happy New Year. And if you celebrate it Happy Chinese New Year too

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