Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blue Banana!!

Heya guys!

So I've been crushing on an amazing shop recently after rediscovering it due to my friend buying her bridesmaid dresses from their. And when I tell you the shop, if you're familiar with it, you'll be like WHAAAAT?! when you compare it to the last sentence. Blue Banana! 

Yep that's right, for those of you that have heard of it, it's the alternative clothing store. 
Now I imagine a lot of you are thinking alternative?! What's that mean? Now I'll tell you from the initial impression you get when you walk into a Blue Banana shop. It's very vibrant, think scene style with a bit of emo & a hint of goth. 

It's wacky & amazing & is perfect for those clothes which is a tad bit different. Whether you're looking for cute tshirts, jeans, hoodies with a different style or my favourite reason to shop at Blue Banana, the dresses, you're pretty much guaranteed that when you go out you won't see half a dozen people wearing the same thing (as got to be honest, when I'm wearing clothes from New Look, Top Shop & other high street stores I always see someone wearing the same as me) and sometimes I wanna look a bit different. Not necessarily to stand out from the crowd but to feel good and unique, which we all are.

So let's get onto the AMAZING clothes. I'm not an outrageously alternative dresser but the dresses?! Oh my goodness they are incredible. I own 6 and they're all beautiful. I'm soon to own 7 too as my man has got me a stunning dress for Valentine's Day. 

And it's gorgeous isn't it!!! My V Day Dress!

The dresses are definitely the best thing ever especially if you've an hour glass figure. They've loads of dresses designed in the 1950's pin up girl style and these are perfect for those waist cinching outfits where you want to flaunt those curves. 

Here's a few snaps of just 2 dresses I own which I purchased from Blue Banana. The pics are a little old as all the dresses I own from them are summer dresses and seen as we're in the middle of winter, I haven't worn them in a while. 

I won't reveal the bridesmaid dress choice but I love it & as I said before it's a waist cinched and I'm so excited to wear it on my friends' big day. 

So make sure you check out Blue Banana online now as they've got some beauties. And a lot of the time their dresses can be found at two for £45 (bargain)!

I love Blue Banana. So let me know if you love it or if you check it out and discover love for it too! 

*This post is not sponsored. 

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