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The White Musk® Set- The Body Shop : Review**

Firstly I'll talk about the presentation and packaging. It came in a really pretty mesh sponge bag, in a light purple shade which is really girly, pretty and of course very practical. It's a really good size and would be great for storing make up brushes, make up or even using it as a travel sponge bag. The wipe clean mesh is really useful too as if you do get it dirty it's easy to clean. It has a really pretty zip pull as well with the Body Shop logo which is a really subtle touch and I like the fact it isn't too over poweringly branded (is poweringly a word? haha).

Now let's go onto the the products. Firstly I'll start with the body lotion. The packaging is really cute and simple (like all Body Shop products are). The lines on the packaging are very sleek and streamline and the bottles look clean. Sounds odd but I'm sure you know what I mean? Body Shop products always have that simple, clean packing which looks classy, is practical and never looks too OTT, which I really love.

The lotion is the White Musk® Body Lotion and you get 60ml. 

It's a gorgeous creamy texture which isn't too sticky and when you rub it into your skin is sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave a residue. I don't know about you guys but some lotions and skin care creams leave like a grey film on my skin when they dry. 

Sounds weird, but the next day if I say, scratch my arm, i might get grey stuff under my finger nail from where the cream hasn't sunk into my skin properly and has just rested on top and got all manky… but with the Body Shop you get none of this. 

It's sinks in quickly, is really soft and not sticky and most of all it's moisturising too which is obviously what you're after in a body lotion. 

The scent is really pretty and smells florally but musky at the same time. It's that perfect girly scent for if you want not too over powering and not too in your face sickly and sweet. 

And obviously as the set is named White Musk® this is what all the products smell like.

Next up I'll talk about the shower gel. So it's the White Musk® Shower Gel and you get 60ml. 

Now if you've been following me for a while and have read a few of my posts, you'll see that I LOVE Body Shop shower gels. 

The ones I love the most are the ones which come in the big pump bottles but sadly these have been discontinued :( noooooo. You used to be able to get them in outlets but I think it's been a bit too long since they've been off the shelves now so I'm sadly onto my last bottle. They last a year though and are amazing and at only £6 for both it's a steal when you think that's a year's worth of showering haha. 

Anyway, back onto this mini cute one, which is so adorable... and kind of mother of pearl like in colour...

It smells gorgeous and is the perfect size for travelling (as is this whole set) and smells amazing (as does the rest of the set). 

It lathers up really well and when used with the mini puff (is this what they're called?) And you get one of these in the set* too so it's prefect.

So now onto the main man, the big shebang… the perfume. It's an Eau de Toilette and is 30ml in size and of course it smells delicious. Again it's that musky floral scent but wow it is very seductive. It's not too heavy and would be the perfect day time fragrance and isn't too florally for the winter months. The bottle is really pretty too and is made of glass so you can see the purple perfume through the bottle. I really like this in a perfume as with a clear bottle you can also tell when you're running low and when to nip out and buy some more. 

So what's my opinion?

I think this is a great little set and is the perfect size for travelling, even the perfume is a great handbag size. The colour is gorgeous too and the packaging makes it look really lovely. And with Christmas coming up it'd be the perfect gift for any lady or girl in your life, whether it be your mum or your younger sister. (That's another thing about the Body Shop, they cater for everyone and each product can suit a whole range of ages… perfect for that Christmas shopping trip!)

This set retails at £14 and is available from Body Shop stores and online at

*After looking it up online the one I have reviewed is slightly different to the one displayed on the website, which doesn't come with the body puff and is in a more vanity styled make up case. 

**This product was sent to me to be reviewed. I did not buy this product with my own money, but all opinions are my own and honest and true.

Have you tried any Body Shop perfumes or sets?
Let me know what you thought.

Becs xx

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