Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm Back: Life & Holiday Update

Hi Everyone! 

I know I know, it's been ages! BUT if you read my last post you'll see that I was away from the world and sunning myself in Gran Canaria last week, and with the weather here in the UK at the moment and lots of storms forecast, I really wish more than ever that I didn't have to come home.

Imagine relaxing by the pool in the 30 degree heat, sipping ice tea and nibbling ice lollies all whilst wearing a bikini…. to coming home to wet wet wet rain and chilly weather… yep it's a bit poo. BUT plus side is I have a tan so do look slightly healthier. Bonus :)

If any of you have followed my Slimming World journey you won't be surprised to hear that following the Slimming World plan went right out the window, as who doesn't want to indulge and enjoy their holiday? 

We went self catering so we did cook healthy meals but crisps round the pool, ice cream and biscuits did make an appearance… most days. But who cares? Back on it now and shedding that holiday weight haha. That always makes me laugh, get dieting before a holiday so you look good in a bikini or whatever and then when you're on holiday you pig out and kinda end back at square one but when you're all holiday rejuvenated it doesn't matter :) and I had an amazing time. TAKE ME BACK! 

And what else comes with getting back from holiday? Going back to work! Now I know most of us aren't keen on work but if we want money we gotta go, so here I am at my desk wishing I was at Aqualand (where I was last Monday).

So now I've ranted on with that little life update I'll get on with showing you some holiday snaps. Normal posts will resume shortly but thought I'd have a catch up with you all in my absence :)

Becs xx

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