Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I was going to get myself up together and do a scary nail look but seen as my Halloween party is done and dusted (had it last weekend) and my costume required me to wear gloves, I never got round to it. AND I'm currently road testing the Collection Gel nail varnishes and so far so good and I love them so keep your eyes peels for a review of that soon.

Anyway as you all know I also love baking so when Halloween and the word Party came together I put my baking head on and created some tasty creations. 

It might not be beauty related but it's life related as who doesn't love cake? Or a ginger bread house? Or ghosty pizza? haha.

So take a look at the pics below of some of my spooky treats and ghoulish goodies which  I made this year, plus I'll include a snap of my costume… and if you comment below with who I am bonus points for you haha :)

Happy Halloween!
Becs x

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