Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Best 5 Seconds!

Best 5 Seconds

I've seen loads of Tweets from the lovely guys at Avon recently all about the Best Five Seconds, and seen as I've been a poorly girly the last week I haven't been able to do much shopping (not that saving for a mortgage allows you to do much shopping anyway but you know), I thought I'd write a post all about my Best 5 Seconds.

Now I'm only 22 and when I think back at my achievements I think ummm, what, hmmmm, what are my achievements but after sitting down and thinking about some important 5 seconds in my life I came to realise that in ways I've achieved quiet a lot. Some people might not think so but here we go…

When I was told I'd gained a First 
in my University degree

This has to be one of my best 5 seconds. Knowing that all that hard work paid off and seeing it written down on a piece of paper and knowing I could put BA next to my name (not that I do haha) was exciting. I felt I'd achieved what I set out to achieve and was really proud of myself. And when I graduated back in November 2012 I had another best 5 seconds… this jumping photo with my amazing friends Harri and Kim… and this moment rein acting Titanic with Harri… 5 seconds of pure fun.

When I finally admitted to being in love

I'm not one to display my love life all over the internet so I'll keep this brief but when I finally admitted to loving my best friend and he finally became my boyfriend and my man really are the best 5 seconds of my life. I've never looked back and that moment has made the rest of my life from it so so happy. Known him for 6 years and been together for 1 but now I know that we should have been together years ago… (pffft what a time waster I am haha).

Receiving a picnic basket for my birthday

I love picnics and when my man presented me with a beautiful wicker picnic basket with a gorgeous blue checkered lining I was in heaven, another best 5 seconds (love and materialism… oopsies).

When I'm proud of my baby brother

He's not a baby he's 19 this month but when he makes me proud he doesn't half make me proud. Always a Best 5 Seconds of big sis love.

And I haven't had these best 5 seconds yet (so i suppose it could be seen as cheating) but ...

When I get my dream job, when I have the keys to my own home in my hands, and when I get married and have a family, they'll also be more best 5 seconds :) cheeeeeesy like cheddar.

What're you best 5 seconds?

Becs x

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