Friday, 11 October 2013

5 Random Things Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Hayley from Mad Hatter's Nail Party to do this 5 random things tag so I thought why not?

I don't know how random I am or what to write but I will think of the first 5 things which pop into my head.

Want to do this tag too?

1) Write 5 random things about yourself

2) Tag 5 people to do this tag

1) I am a constant worrier. I don't know why but I always worry about things and yep it drive people mad. Me included.

2) I gave up on love until I fell in love with my best friend. Cheesy but true

3) I have a First Class Honours Degree

4) My favourite chocolate/sweets are peanut M&Ms

5) I have a triangle of freckley moles on my tummy

Well that's me... random.

I tag:

Becs x

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