Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What's My Style- As Featured On TheMuseTV

Some of you may have seen my last post about being featured about my style over on The MuseTV so I thought I'd whack the post I wrote for them up on here to incase you guys didn't get a chance to read it through. 

So here you go, here's a little look into my style and my fav fashion pieces....


When you look at me, in my wardrobe or in my shoe closet you probably wouldn't think I own anything uber special. I'm not wacky, I'm not 100% individual or unique and half the time I'm not overly creative, so when asked about my style I was like Ummmmm, that's a tricky one.

One thing I can say though is I'm not really a brand baby. The majority of my clothes are from high street stores like New Look, H&M, Primark, Top Shop and Debenhams and I love wearing affordable clothes. Mixing a Primark top with a New Look skirt or some H&M leggings with a New Look dress is pretty much a daily occurrence for me, and with the rate in how quickly fashion changes, if I bought high end every time I'd be the poorest person ever. Literally, I couldn't even afford to do that.

After being a Uni student for 3 years and now working in a low paid job (tell me about it, thanks a lot degree & uni debts -_-) I can't afford to be all flash cash BUT I can definitely dress my self to make me feel stylish, happy and most of all confident. 

So what are some of my key fashion pieces to get me through the working week and of course the fun that is weekends?

JEANS- I used to hate jeans as I could never find pairs which fitted me well. Until one day I looked through my mum's catalogue book (OLD SCHOOL) and found a brand called Confident Curves. I bought their high waisted skinnies and they fitted like a dream. I've had them for about 2 years now and they are slowly dying and I need to repurchase and due to me loosing a stone they are also a bit baggy, but any way JEANS- wardrobe must have! 

They go with everything! Dress them up, style them down, wear them with heels, wear them with trainers, converse, dolly shoes, boots, they always look good and generally they do suit every body shape, so go find your perfect pair, they'll be with you for ages and jeans will never go out of fashion.


CAMIS- Camis are perfect for the summer sunshine or layering underneath jumpers and cardigans in the autumn/winter. I love the light chiffon ones and these can also be dressed up or styled down. Accessorise them right with a bit of fun costume jewellery and heels and your date night outfit is made, and with jeans and converse you've got that day to day, gorgeous and flawless look we all want (and I most definitely need). 


LOW TOP CONVERSE- Yep I've spoken about them twice already but I honestly believe we all need a pair of these. They're more stylish than trainers and look good with loads of things. Whether you want preppy, girly or geek chic, converse can make that happen. My fave outfit with them has to be black legging, long black top (COVER THE BUM) or a dress, a denim shirt and envy converse. I wear this a lot when I want to be comfy, look casual but also stylish, and have to run errands, go shopping or just out for a walk. Love them. I have them in navy (nice alternative to black) and pink (as I love pink so why not have pink shoes?)


BLACK CARDIGAN- Perfect to chuck on over any outfit. Great for winter and summer and spring and autumn (yep, all year round), dress up or down, screw up in your bag, carry round, throw on… do I need to say more? Buy one!


PRETTY TEA DRESSES- I live in these at work and love them all year round. Comfy patterned tea dresses just make me feel happy and girly. Wear with leggings or bare all with naked legs or clear tights and they look really pretty. Rock them up with a leather jacket or throw on a pretty jacket for an ultra femine look. Boots, heels, flats, whatever… they're so pretty.


There's some of my favourite essential pieces which you can wear pretty much all year round and they're all great for transition pieces as we're going from summer to autumn at the moment. 

I'm currently on the hunt for my 2013 winter coat (after buying my man a lush Superdry one for christmas- yep I'm that prepared haha but he chose it so why not get it now? I'd only spend the same amount on stuff he didn't want anyway. AND it's his first piece of branded clothing- he's no brand baby either, he likes game tshirts -_- aha).

Hope you liked this sneak peek into my style file.

Becs x

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