Friday, 13 September 2013


Today I just fancied a good old fashioned ramble, not about anything in particular but today is just feeling a little slow and I wanted to do some blogging (but this is more of a vlog blog with you get me, my ramble/talkey blog bit haha). Does that make sense, like look at my daily life videos over on the blog channel, so this is like my blog alternative to that? Ahaha gosh I have no idea what I'm waffling about. 

But anyway enough enough, back to the post, which is all about pictures and photographs.

I was looking through my photos and thought about how good a summer it was this year, and for England the weather was decent too which always makes a nice alternative to the awful wet weather we usually get. It was even sunny on my birthday (which never happens) and on the day I held my birthday BBQ (double win). 

So as I was taking a look back I thought I'd put up a post of some of the best bits of my summer. If you've done one of these kinda posts link it below or tweet me as it's always good knowing what others get up too (plus it gives me great ideas on what to do next summer… a whole year away -_- )

I thought I'd include some of my favourite quotes and fun instagram photos I've seen too and lots of things which made me smile over the sunshine season. 


I went to a cute bird and deer park
I got to feed deers. It was such a beautiful day and very special too :)

My Bestie got married
I was the Head Bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding. 
She looked gorgeous and it was a fantastic day. So sunny too. 

I visited a beautiful place in Wales. 
Weather was stunning and it was amazing. Got to go to my man's relative's wedding too. 

I won Young Slimmer Of The Year at my Slimming World group :)

I celebrated being 22! :D
And got this amazing picnic basket from my man (Picnics are my favourite thing ever... as well as fireworks) He also bought me my Gran Canaria Holiday!! Wooooo. #hesamazing hehe

I felt good in shorts! 
Spent a few days at the beach with my man this year and I loved it. 
Amazing days I'll always remember.

This is HILARIOUS... right?

Becs x


  1. Aww the picnic set looks so adorable! And I think it's really lovely that you got to feed deeds and get so close, sounds like you had a nice time :) x


    1. Thanks Kathryn, it was lush. Used the picnic basket fir the first time this weekend. It was so cute hehe

  2. Hi there!

    I have tagged you in the 'Beauty Blogger' tag which you can take a look over at my blog for further details!
    Courtney x

    1. Thanks you Courtney, I'll do this asap :D x