Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Beauty Blogger' Tag

It's time for another TAG style post. I know I did one of these as my last post as I was inspired by Avia from The Sparkleicious but this time I've been tagged by Courtney from Cheapbutchicbeautyat.blogspot.com to do "The Beauty Blogger Tag" created by The Beau Bow.

So to get started here are the rules….

1) State that this tag was created by THE BEAU BOW
2) Tag as many beauty bloggers as you'd like
3) Title this post as 'The Beauty Blogger' tag

Without further a do here are the questions!

1) Name a beauty routine you barely do.

I very very rarely use a primer (don't see much point as they're usually pretty expensive and when I have used them in the past I've never noticed a difference in my make up application or its staying power) and I never used a brush to apply a wet face product (BB Cream, CC Cream, Foundation,Cream Blush etc). I find using my fingers a lot easier and I find I get a lot better coverage with foundation and BB creams and a lot better precision with cream/liquid blush and bronzers. 

2) Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I have to say no. And let's be honest that is disgusting. I only ever use a powder brush for applying a light dusting over my BB Cream but I should still wash it more often. Saying that though I'm washing everything before I go on holiday in a few weeks as they'll have a week to dry as I'm not taking them with me :)

3) How long would you last with chipped nail varnish?

I hate having chipped nails but if I have to I can last a for as long as I need. If I'm going away or something and won't have time to reapply nail varnish I always try and pack some nail varnish removal pads so I don't have to go around with awful looking nails. Generally I take it off if it's chipped or reapply a coat if I can and the chip isn't too bad. BUT here's trick. If you apply a crackle polish over the top of chipped nails no one need to know! Your nails just look super funky instead.. stylish :D

4) How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty item or nail polish even if you need it (i.e foundation, top coat, etc.)

I'm pretty awful with this unless it's a necessity. BB Cream I will repurchase when I'm running out as I it's something I wear daily but with regards to top coats etc I put it off as I think, nah I don't need it. But usually I do, so I eventually I repurchase thinking I should have got this ages ago haha.

5) What is you worst beauty habit?

Umm I don't really know. Probably rubbing my eyes when I have make up on. Mascara all over my face is never a good look.

6) Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time. 

Ironing! But a lot of my clothes don't need ironing as I hang them up nicely to dry to the creases drop out, so I end up waiting for a massive pile and then just begrudgingly going through it.

7) When going out somewhere do you leave getting 
ready until last minute or not?

I can get ready as quick as anything. I've no shame in throwing an outfit on, leaving my hair au natural and refreshing the day's make up and if it's a special occasion I'll think about my outfit before hand so I know what I'm wearing so I can get ready quickly if needs be. If not, there's nothing wrong with taking your time with it, getting ready at leisure and taking an hour in the shower haha.

8) Can you commit to spending bans?

I've never really bothered with one. I say to myself don't buy anything you don't need and generally I won't. I'm trying to save for a mortgage so I've gotta get on it and tighten my purse strings.

9) How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections?

It's pretty organised. All my make up is in the bathroom in a little tray (I don't actually own THAT much at all as I always wear the same stuff whatever the occasion) and my lippies are in a little cute holder in my room. I store all my nail varnish, organised by brand, in a zebra print box on my stand and all my most used ones are in a Soap and Glory gift box by my bed. I love my nails so this has got to be my beauty do! Keep them tidy and know where all my colours are.

10) What is the longest time you have gone without writing a blog post?

Since I've been properly into it I think it's been a week, and that was the week just gone as I was on holiday. I enjoy writing them so don't not do it purposely, but at the same time I don't want to write about something which I'm not inspired about or throwing something together for the sake of posting.

So there's the 10 questions and I tag:

if you're reading this and want to do it then do and say I tagged you :)  

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