Monday, 23 September 2013

Random Things I've Been Loving… TAG

So I was watching Avia from The Sparkleicious (again) and on her YouTube channel she did a random favourites kind of video and I thought that's a fab idea for a blog post (especially when you've been on holiday at Butlins for a week with kiddies and don't have a lot of other things to report on haha).

So below are a few of the random things I've been loving for the past few weeks. And as the title suggests it's all a bit random with beauty, makeup and homewares. 

Brownie Delight

First I have been loving this Brownie Delight smelling candle from Village Candles. Think Yankee but not. It smells AMAZING. Imagine a hot chocolate fudge cake, melting away in front of your face… well this is like that and it smell so realistic that I generally want to eat it (plus when the wax is all melted it looks like chocolate sauce haha). It smells great and fills the room with the scent too which I love with a candle. Plus I find it helps to cure my chocolate cravings which is fantastic seen as I'm on Slimming World and don't want to eat too much chocolatey goodness! 

Palmer's Firming Butter

Now onto another chocolatey scented product, but this time in the form of Palmer's Firming Butter. It smells delicious, just like all of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter products do and it says firming on the bottle… WINNER! My boyfriend says he can notice a change in the appearance of my skin (I'm using it to help tighten up my thighs, love handle area and tummy) so that's a bonus too. It's really moisturising though so I love it for that regardless and if it is firming my skin then yay bonus.
Be Delicious DKNY

I've just realised that my next random favourite is also a foodie smelling item… the Be Delicious Perfume from DKNY! The one I have is the Intense Golden Delicious one and it smells so so yummy. It's a girly grown up scent and smells very fruity, so if you're looking for a scent which is mature yet fruity, sexy and pretty then this one is definitely a winner. I got this as a birthday gift from my work colleagues too which was lush.

Barry M Nail Colour

Next up is a nail varnish (you know I love my nails) and this one is a Barry M Glossy. It's very shiny, you can get opaque colour in just one coat and the colour looks fab when you've just cut your nails so they're not as long (I always think red looks better on shorter nails, looks less garish and tallon like haha.. my personal opinion though okay? I prefer red nails on me when my nails are shorter :]) The colour here is Blood Orange and it's really nice. It's a little more orange than a cherry red but it's no where near a coral and for me I think it's the perfect red shade. What'd you think?

MUA Power Pout

And on next to a lippy. Seen as the colder weather is setting in and autumn is here, the darker lip is making an appearance. I don't like to wear anything too dark as i have a habit of biting my lips so it ends up like all over my face and my lips look very patchy so I thought I'd try this lip tint and stain by MUA. It's their version of a chubby stick and called the Power Pout which  think sounds pretty cool. I bought it ages ago and loved wearing it and then when summer hit a bit more I wore lighter colours and balms but this beauty has been sitting on my lips for the past few weeks now every single day (even at Butlins) haha. So definitely a favourite of mine. It's really moisturising too and doesn't dry your lips out and when the balm is gone your lips are stained to the colour stays put for quite a while. I like to reapply though as I like the moisture it gives. The shade I have it Crazy In Love and it's so pretty.

So there you have it, a few of my random faves for September. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post soon!! 

Becs x


  1. Love that colour on the MUA power pout xx