Thursday, 12 September 2013


I was watching The Sparkleicious' new YouTube video the other night and the gorgeous Avia was talking about the pressure us women have to look a certain way, and as I was watching it I couldn't help but nod along and agree to a lot of what she said.

As a woman I feel that a lot of my life is taken up by my constant worrying that I'm not "good enough". Now I say all of this light heartedly as I'm a happy person, care free and love to have fun… and let's be honest , we get one life and I intend to enjoy it, whether that's in a body I love or a body I put up with.

There will always be people out there who we're jealous of, maybe we want their hair, love the look of their flawless skin, think they look a lot better in jeans than we do or maybe it's their personality we'd love, so to help me put myself back into my own perspective, I always think that at some point there has to be someone that's jealous of me.

Sounds silly but it's true (I think). 

You might hate your curly hair but someone with dead poker straight hair might love to have your volume and bounce. You might dislike you wide hips but someone with an athletic frame may want your curves. 

It's an odd subject and will always be controversial and it will never be sorted, as us humans are just too inquisitive and some of us, and I hold my hands up to this one, insecure.

Now, I'm the first one to complain about my body, the way my thighs look, the shape of my stomach and the way my legs dip in weirdly, but at the end of the day this is me. Nothing much I can do about it (unless I'm going to be drastic and go down the surgery line NO THANK YOU) so I'm coming to terms with it. 

To help me be happier about my appearance I joined the gym, 2 years ago now. If you said to me back then I'd still be going to the gym/fitness classes 3 times a week and going running twice a week (I know, I actually love it. It's so nice doing it on your own too), I'd think you were mad. But now exercise is well and truly stuck into my life and daily routine I can't imagine living without it.

And earlier this year I took the plunge and started Slimming World. I lost just over a stone and am now carrying it on at home with everything I got from the group… and I'm enjoying it.

I was never an unhealthy person, I rarely ate crisps, drank fizzy drinks or ate badly, but what I would do is eat processed foods. Think pies, frozen chips, fat filled burgers, but now I just make my own. Tasty fish pies, meat pies, lean meat burgers, delicious chips, you name it I make it from scratch (if possible of course). And I love doing it. Cooking and baking is one of my passions and I can't imagine not rustling up a tasty meal at the end of the day.

So basically this is a Bec ramble, a big mush of some thoughts I've had about body image and things. But if you take one thing away from this post remember that you are you. There's no one in the whole world who's the same and that is such a special thing. Always be yourself, embrace yourself and your flaws and most of all enjoy being you and living in your body.

At the end of the day what is perfection other than something we want? No one has ever truly seen it as there will always be something better. 

Perfection doesn't really exist but happiness does!  

Enjoy it, Live it and Love it.

Becs x

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