Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Liebster Award!

When I started blogging I wanted to share my passion for fashion, beauty, style and homewards with the world (literally, hence the www. hehe) So I just wanted to let you know that I've been awarded the Liebster Award for new bloggers! :D

I was nominated by Georgia Megan over at so thanks Georgia for notifying me of this and of course giving me the award!

The Liebster Award is for those who has a blog with fewer than 200 followers, and that is definitely me (Hooray!! I cheer for each of my followers who're helping me get my blog out there. Thanks guys).

Now the ins and out of this award are pretty simple. The person who nominated you will have left a list of question for you to post on your blog for the Liebster Award. They're just basic questions that we want to know about fellow bloggers and followers (because we're all nosey… I'm kidding).

Here are the questions that were
 left for me to answer:

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging while at Uni as had to set up a blog for my course. I posted every now and again but then started to enjoy it. With Uni work and life stresses I never posted that often but when I discovered the online beauty community I fell in love and knew I wanted to be a part of it. I rekindle my love for blogging a few months ago and so far so good and I'm loving my opportunities here on TrendetBeau.

What made you want to start a blog?
I pretty much answered this in the first question (fail haha) but yeah, I love watching YouTube videos from beauty vloggers and reading about what products they're loving etc over on their blogs so I thought gimme a piece of that action, I want in haha.

Do any of your family/friends know about your blog?
The majority do know as I post about it on my personal Facebook and my twitter. And the friends who have instagram are inundated with post about my nails haha so I think yeah they do. I'm definitely not ashamed of it :D 
My boyfriend is the best and most supportive of my blog, he's a right gem <3

What is your favourite post so far?
The favourite post I've done is probably my tag post I created. I wanted to start a tag so wrote it down and went for it. I also loved styling up a Superdry dress I won from the Muse TV so that was great fun to do.

What is your favourite makeup brand?
I've so many fav brands for all types of makeup. Whether it's eyes, lips, face or nails I have a favourite for them all. From No7 for BB Creams and powders, to Barry M and Sally Hansen for nail varnish. Sleek for face contouring and MUA for eye shadow palettes, Rimmel for lippys, Maybeline and Clinique for mascara… I could go on and on. 

What is your favourite shop?
Favourite beauty shop would have to be Boots. It's great and I love how their points system works. And for those who aren't in the UK Boots is like a big drugstore chain and stocks loads of make up, hair care, and health and beauty items. 
Fashion wise I love H&M. It's pretty cheap and cheerful and I always grab a good bargain.

Have you ever deleted one of your own blog posts?
Thankfully no :)

If you could only do one, what would it be? Face makeup or eye makeup?
I'd say face makeup as I don't do a lot to my eyes other than mascara, a sweep of neutral eye shadow and some brown liner on the water line.

Which are you more obsessed with? Makeup, fashion, or hair?
I think fashion. I do like makeup but haven't got the biggest collection in the world as I like to look natural, but clothes and shoes… I have LOADS! It's ridiculous. And about 4 times a year with each season change I charity shop a lot of stuff.

What is your favourite beauty product?
Oooo favourite beauty product overall.. umm I'm going to have to say nail varnish! I love my nails and like channelling my mood through pretty colours :D

So there's the answers to the questions I was asked for the Liebster Award.

Now it's my turn to nominate. Here's my top 10 fav blogs who have under 200 followers like myself:

And here's the questions I pose to you…
And please let me know if you re-post as I want to see your answers :)

1.    How long have you had your blog?
2.    What does the name of your blog mean?/Why did you choose that name?
3.    If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
4.    If you had to choose to never wear a designer label or never wear makeup, which would you choose?
5.    If you were stranded on a train station platform who would you call first?
6.    What makeup item do you never leave the house without?
7.    What's your go to lipstick?
8.    What's your favourite shampoo/conditioner brand?
9.    What's your go to high street makeup/beauty brand?
10.   What beauty product would you recommend others to try the most?

So if I've tagged you in this post and have nominated you for the Liebster award let me know if you answer my questions.

Watch out for more beauty and fashion posts very soon. I'm off shopping on Saturday morning with my Mum so all going well there maybe a beauty and fashion haul showing some of my new bits and bobs.

Stay tuned.
Becs x


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