Monday, 12 August 2013

That's A Wrap!!!

Cue cheesy title! Now you might know already that I LOVE my nails and that my collection of nail varnish is pretty much ridiculous. I have every colour imaginable and love painting them with designs, colours and even love a traditional french manicure from time to time.

Recently I've delved into the deep of what is the nail wraps. I remember years ago (now we're talking about 4 years ago now maybe more) trying some and these were in a different league to the ones available now. They were flimsy, didn't stick and were pretty much pointless, but when I saw some for £1 in Primark a while back I fell in love. (There's a review on the Primark ones here).

After falling in love all over again, when I saw that Avon had brought out a number of designs and colours for a special offer price in one of their brochures I just had to purchase them and give them a go. I chose 3 designs, a silver and gold floral design, pink and mint leopard print (why not be garish? haha) and a pink sparkly set.

Now was the hard decision of which one to try first. I went for the floral design as it looked pretty classic, a nice simple design which would match most of the outfits I was going to wear that week, because really what doesn't go with gold, silver and black?

Putting them on is simple, well I say simple but for me I actually find this difficult and to be honest I'd be quicker painting my nails than attaching the stickers but I think this is probably just me and my shaking hands teamed with the OCDness I have of making sure they're dead straight and dead in the centre.

The instructions suggested to put the wraps onto clean dry nails, but I always use my base coat (Sally Hansens Miracle Nail Strengthener) under anything on my nails and this does't dry shiny like a varnish so I feel it gives the wrap a good base to grip on to.

The wraps themselves were very sticky and had lots of adhesive on which I was really chuffed with as before I'd even stuck them down I knew they were going to last. Sticking them onto the nails took me about 20 minutes, but again that's just my issue I think, and I did it whilst watching The Avengers, (needless to say my boyfriend did keep telling me that if I didn't pay attention to the film I would miss vital bits out) but I did fine, the wraps were stuck on and I understood all of the film. Result.

When the wraps were on they felt really secure and the best thing about them is you don't have to wait for them to dry. You just need to get a nail file and file off the excess which lies too far over your nail and this is quick and easy.  

My only downside is that they're not all wide enough to cater for my massive man hands. I have pretty wide nail beds so some of the wraps didn't quite reach the edges, but if you've normal size woman hands you'll be fine. When I used the Primark nail wraps I put on a base coat of the base colour of the wrap as when measuring the wraps to my nails they were coming up a bit small, but by putting this base coat on the gap around the edge wasn't the slightest bit noticeable. Even now with the wraps on my, you can only notice the gap if you look for it and look closely, but this doesn't really bother me as I don't stare at my hands 24/7 and mostly people admire them at arms reach (haha excuse the pun there, if you got it that is) anyway. 

You don't need to apply any varnish over the top of them but I did pop a coat of Sally Hansens 1 Minute Top Coat on top of  it just so give it extra staying power.
So far they've been great. I've had no chips, no peeling or anything and I have been washing my hair, washing up and even gyming with them on so definitely a thumbs up from me on the stay ability factor.
I can't wait to give the other ones ago so check out my Instagram for pics of those. 
Becs x

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