Wednesday, 14 August 2013

TAG: The What, Who & You Tag... by Me xx

TAG, You're It!

I've seen loads of tags floating about on the web, on blog and of course over on YouTube so I thought, why not come up with my own? It's my way of learning all about you, getting to know some of your favourite beauty buys and being a nosey busy body! (I'm kidding, I'm just all about the fun)

So to start the tag, I always think numbering things is a good way, so to not keep you in any more suspense…

7) Haha, who start's with number 7? Exactly, who wants to be normal, the run of the mill shall we say, so number 7 ey, my favourite number, lucky number whatever you want to call it……..

Questions start now ;)

The What, Who & You Tag!

1)  What made you start blogging?
When I went to Uni we had to start up a blog for one of our assessments for online journalism, and along with this we also had to set up a Twitter account (still using that to! @becwaters) I enjoyed creating it and was a big fan of watching people on YouTube and reading people's blogs I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and start my own. I first started back in 2011 with the odd post into 2012, but as the Summer of 2013 hit I got really excited about my blogging opportunities so took TrendetBeau by the horns and am so far running with it.

2) What was the first blog you followed?
I first found S Walker Makeup back way way ago. I read her blog and through her found that loads of people were into beauty and fashion blogging. I enjoyed her blogs and then found her YouTube channel. Then shortly after I found Fleur De Force, BlushBlendBeauty (who I talk to a fair bit and she's an utter doll. She only does YouTube now but she's fantastic, check her out) and Gemsmaquillage, and I could go on and on.  

Go find Blushblendbeauty on YouTube. She's a great girl and inspired me to start slimming world through her slimming world journey she posted on her channel. I owe her a mention :D Thanks hun xxx

3) Do your friends know you blog?
I post about TrendetBeau on my personal Facebook and on my Twitter so I'd imagine they'd know. It doesn't come up in conversation often unless they comment on an item I'm reviewing. My boyfriend is really supportive and often post links to my blog on his Facebook and things… and he's great. 

4) What's you're favourite make up brand?
I have to be honest I probs don't have one overall favourite. I like different brands for different items. I love Boots No7 for their Hot Cloth Cleanser, BB Cream and Loose Powder Foundation (I did a basic face combo using these here), I also love MUA for their eye shadow palettes, Clinique for their mascara, Maybeline for their mascaras, Revlon for their gorgeous lippys and of course Appocalypse Lip Laquers, Avon, Nails Inc, Rimmel, Barry M and Sally Hansen for nail varnish and I could go on, I think I've pretty much named the majority of Boots and Superdrug anyway haha. 

5) What was your first make up item?
I didn't really experiment with make up until after school. I didn't wear make up at secondary school nor did I wear it though my GCSE exams, but when I left I grew up and started to experiment with mascaras and eye liners. I suffered with minor acne growing up so avoiding foundation so try help my skin, even though this did cause me a few problems with the "Mean Girls" in my class  but who cares haha. I think my first make up item was an Avon blusher given to me by my mum. It was a peachy colour and one she didn't use often so she gave it to me as an experiment. I still don't use loads of make up and my basic face relies on BB Cream, a setting powder, mascara, brown eye liner on the water line, mascara and my eyebrow pencil for my brows.

6) Would you ever go out the house without make up?
Yep I do it all the time. I go to the gym without it (although when my best friend used to put a full face of make up on just to sweat it off) I pop to the shops without any make up on and I'm usually seen driving to and from my boyfriend's with no make up. What a way to impress your man ey?! HaHa.

7) What's your favourite beauty item?
I love my nails so for me it'd have to be nail varnish. I love being able to channel my mood and personality through my nails and often have wacky fun colours and designs. I love bright colours in the summer and darks in winter but I also love sparkles, florals, designs and mixing it up with an accent nails, nail wraps and glitter. I often do nail pics on my Instagram (bec_waters) and post about my fav nail looks so stay tuned for more. 

8) What beauty item couldn't you live without?
In relation to question 7 it'd have to be a nail file. I hate it when you've got a scraggy end which keeps catching on things and I always try to remember to carry a nail file with me as I know that none of my friend's do, so if I'm without one there's no hope in borrowing. I suppose if all else failed I could use sandpaper? Haha but no, I like my nail file. And my fav one I use is a Barbara Daly one from Tesco. It's a glass one which is better for your nails than conventional emery boards.

9) What's your favourite make up colour collection?
With everything on the market now from brights, to greys to neutrals to 50 millions shades of purple, I love my neutral shades. Natural nude nails, natural beige eye shadows (love the natural MUA eye shadows), a my lips but better lipstick and an I'm naturally flushed blusher. I love the natural look, looking like I'm not wearing make up but really I am. And according to my boyfriend I look the same with and without my make up so sometimes I wonder why I bother with my 10 minutes in the bathroom mirror in the morning hehe.

and last but not least 10! What's your beauty hate?
As I love my nails I hate it when I see people biting theirs. I also hate it when people flick their nails so they make a horrible noise. My dad does this and I honestly think it scarred me for life haha so look after your nails people!


I hope you liked the little snippet into my beauty thoughts and fav products. Any more you want to know pop your question below or tweet me @becwaters and I'll answer them. 

PLUS don't forget to let me know if you do this tag too, I'd love to see your responses. 

And I know there's loads of tags out there but I wanted to do these questions so made this random tag up, and if there's one out there which is the same I wasn't robbing it! 

Becs x


  1. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed reading it! It's nice to know a bit about the blogger I'm follwoing! Haha! Just wanted to let you know, because you're one of my new favourite bloggers I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more details visit my blog post about it

    It explains everything! Any questions just leave a comment x

  2. Hi Georgia. Aw thank you very much, It's great knowing you enjoy my blog :) Ah thanks for nominating me for an award, I'm really chuffed. xx

  3. Great post!

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    Courtney X

    1. Hi Courtney, thanks for the follow. Of course I'll check your blog. Do this tag if you want too and say I tagged you xx

  4. Amazing post...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Hi Nessa, thanks for your lovely comment. I'll follow you on bloglovin now so give me a follow back :) do this tag on your blog if you like and say I tagged you :) x