Sunday, 18 August 2013

Primark & More Haul

You might have seen that I was pretty excited for a day out with my mum yesterday & was also happy about having a look around the shops & hopefully finding some great bargains.

And of course, when the word bargain is mentioned Primark is never far away. Now whether you're a Pre-mark sayer or a Pri-mark sayer we all love it & know that for those one off trends it's the perfect place to go. So obviously ... 

I wasn't looking for anything in particular but for me I always find this the best way of shopping. Go out without high expectations & you won't be disappointed (pretty much my outlook on life to be honest) haha. 

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous coral maxi dress. 

It's just a standard cotton jersey material but feels really soft & itsn't see through!! Sometimes Primark quality can be quite low when it comes to decent material (take their leggings for example. Want to wear standard leggings without a long top, dress or skirt? Then don't buy Primark ones. Yes they may be cheap but you CAN see your underwear). But this dress was great & with normal underwear & a nude or white bra, underwear is undetectable.

The colour is also really on trend & is that perfect summer colour. Perfect for summer holidays & I'm off to Gran Canaria in October for my holiday (catch some sun after summer has well & truely left England, plus it's mine & my boyfriend's anniversary so it'll be lush). This will definitely be coming in my suitcase to wear in the evenings. And when I come home off of holiday & autumn is well & truely upon us it'll look great with black pumps, a gorgeous scarf, black cardigan & my trusty leather jacket. Perfect!

The next thing I popped in my basket was a jersey skater dress.

It's got 3/4 length sleeves & is a vibrant true red colour. I bought this as it was a bargain at £5 & I thought it'd be great for work with tights or leggings & boots over the autumn winter (yep, thinking ahead haha). It's a good length too & falls just above the knee so if you're feeling like baring the legs it's a safe length. 

Walking around Primark my eyes then fell on these beauties!! 


Now I wanted some knee high boots last year in this exact style, but could I find any which would zip up over my runners calves?! Could I heck? So I never got any. But when I saw these I was literally so excited. They're black with the brown top which comes just to the knee. They've got some really nice detail on with a strap & gold buckle & as you can see in the pic they still had the tissue paper over the buckle to protect it! Primark Win! 

They've got a slight heel but really I'd say these were flats... and exactly what I was looking for. I commute to work driving everyday & hate driving in heels so whenever I usually wear boots in the winter it's a case of either swapping shoes to drive or wearing non water proof shoes, but not this year with these beauties. Perfect to drive in & they're water proof (well shower proof, they're not wellies) & I love them. Definitely my favourite purchase in ages & they were only £20! Bargain! Love love love.

So after falling in love with the best boots in the world I turned the corner & saw this black cotton midi skirt... for £5!

I have a red jersey midi skirt which I bought in the sale when my local Republic store shut down & I love it, but sometimes red can be a bit too bright & doesn't always go with everything, so when I saw this one in black I knew it was a must have. Great for dressing up for nights out, perfect for work & a great wardrobe staple.

Then to pick up some accessories... in the form of some snag free hair elastics.

I often put my hair in little plaits then clip at the back so these are perfect to secure the ends before adding a little clip. It's one of my go to hair styles & I'll probably do a post on it soon.

And last but not least I picked up a basic vest top. 

I already own one but always seem to miss it when it's in the wash so grabbed another one. They're only like £2 too so can't complain. Great basic & everyone needs a black vest top. 

The next stop was M&S. 

I know what you're thinking, M&S is mostly for older people, it's where your nan might shop. But honestly go there for their leggings! Their leggings great, yes slightly pricey, but great. I got two pairs exactly the same from their Indigo range. Just simple black ankle length leggings. They're really thick so if you want to wear them with a shorter top you can & your pants will be free from prying eyes. Great quality too & even though they were £12.50 each I know they're going to last all through autumn and winter, especially as I'll be living in them with my gorgeous boots.

Then to New Look!

I only needed to get one thing really & that was a white bandeau. Plain simple & £2.99. Perfect for putting under tops that are a tad too revealing or for a little top on the beach.

And randomly to finish off this haul I popped into Lakelands.

My mum needed a new tin opener & I love home wares, kitchen appliances, crockery & home knick nacks so I was right in there. As you may know I'm gathering bits for when me & my boyfriend get our own place (fingers crossed next year), so picked up a boiled egg lifter (random but I have one at home now & always use it when I make egg & soldiers haha) and a trusty tin opener (and none of this magic can rubbish, just a big standard opener which I can actually use). 

Hope you enjoyed my haul & if you want to see anything tried on, keep a look out for OOTD posts as they'll all be featured soon I'm sure.

Let me know what you think of my new pieces in the comments below.

Bec x

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