Monday, 12 August 2013

Night Time Skin Care Routine

I wasn't sure whether it not to do a "routine" post but thought seen as I do this every night I may as well  jump on the routine bandwagon and tell you all about my night time skin care routine.

 I've used the same products for probably about 3 years now and the combination of them really works for my skin. Yes I have break outs now and again and occasionally get the off spot or lurking lump but generally this routine helps to keep my skin feeling fresh, clean, smooth and usually clear. (What's the bet that now I've wrote that sentence I will be doomed with bad skin for like 7 years! Ah I hope not!!)

Before I even go into my skin care routine, I put my hair up use a hairband to get my fringe completely out of my face. I'm not one of those people that can work around my fringe and hate it when it keeps flopping down and getting in the way. 

I  used the Simple Face Wash to remove all my make up and dirt and grime (lush) that's been on my face throughout the day. I just wet my face and apply it all over using my fingers. I also use it to take off mascara, even waterproof mascara comes off with this, and then I use a flannel to wash it off.

On the nights I stay at my boyfriend's I use the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. Now I LOVE this! I first tried this as I got it for christmas in a No7 box set and it had a mini version of it in. I took that to my boyfriend's as I thought it'd be a handy size to fit in my sponge bag and after using it the first few times I fell in love, so much that since then I've bought 2 big bottles. The pump makes it easy to use and you never get loads left over. It also comes with a muslin cloth to use which is great and after they get grubby you can just pop them in the washing machine for a spruce up. I massage this into a dry face, including my eye area and massage it in until I can't see any more product. Then I wash it off using the muslin cloth and with it comes all of that days make up, eye make up too including mascara and water proof mascara. YAY, no scrubbing at eyes (now that's always a winner).

I then use my favourite exfoliator ever, the apricot scrub by St Ives. I used the blemish control one and I love it. I hate scrubs which have no grit in. What's the point in a scrub or an exfoliator if it doesn't feel like it's doing anything? I want something abrasive and this is exactly what this is. It contains ground apricot stones so really takes away those dead skin cells and leaves the skin so soft. I use this every other day as I do suffer with large pores which are prone to blackheads so I like to exfoliate often to remove any build up of dirt. I just apply it with my fingers, scrub it all in avoiding my eye area then once again wash it off with a flannel.

Next I use a toner. As you know, cleanse, tone, moisturise and all that jazz. I use the Clean and Clear Blackhead removal one and it's really good. It tingles your skin slightly which I like as I can feel it working and cleaning my pores which I like in a product. I just squirt some on a cotton wool pad and swipe it all over my face avoiding my eyes and the jobs a goodun.

Now it's moisturising time. Every night I use my Simple Light And Hydrating Moisturiser. It's exactly what it says on the packaging and is really light and sinks into the skin so there's no sticky face before bed, which I hate, as your hair sticks to you when you're trying to get comfortable on the pillow! I used to use this moisturiser day and night but after thinking about wrinkles and such I decided to use a moisturiser with an SPF in for the the day time so I now use an Olay SPF 15 one which I love too (it's great underneath make up too- but I'll go into my daytime routine another time).

Hope you enjoyed my snippet of bed time beauty.
Night Night

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