Thursday, 8 August 2013

Let's Get Home Style Savvy

As you can tell from my last post I'm going a bit home style crazy so I thought why not share with you my top 3 tips for shopping savvy and shopping well.

Firstly, buy little and not that often/ as often as you can afford. 

I always think that buying something in bulk is always going to look like you've spent a fortune. One big £500 spending spree on house stuff is going to knock that bank account, but split that into lots of £50 quid or maybe less than that every few weeks or months, you soon forget how much you've spent and it doesn't hit you all at once.

Secondly, storage.

Make sure to store all the stuff well. Get cardboard boxes, wrap stuff in bubble wrap and put away. Pack as if you're packing to move. Label boxes so you know what box is for each room, as how easy will this be when it comes to moving stuff out/in. 

I have pretty much a full kitchen other than the sink under my bed. Pot, pans, plates, mugs, cups, cutlery, you name it it's under there, and for me that's where it will stay until I move and I'm so excited to unpack it all again and be excited to put it out and display stuff somewhere new.

Thirdly, don't rely on shops.

Sounds silly but don't always buy shabby chic, modern, vintage or whatever your style is in home ware, as somewhere you can get it for a bargain or recreate it yourself for half the cost. Use fabric scraps to make cushion covers, sand down and paint that old table instead of looking for alternatives and it's so surprising what a lick of paint can do. 

Also look for stuff by free cycle, where people just want to get rid of their stuff for FREE. People chuck away some great things during house moves to watch out. Also check out Facebook, many area have for sale, free or wanted pages and I know on my local one people are always flogging decent sofas, freezers etc for like £30! Bargain. And if you don't like the fabric of the sofa or whatever get a throw and loads of lush cushion. Problem solved.

It doesn't have to cost the earth, as who can afford that nowadays?
Build it, make it, love it :)

Becs x

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