Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday Postcard- Portugal

Everyone remembers their first holiday to a new country, and for me, I'd never travelled to Portugal before I went for valentines with my man.

When we got up early morning to travel to the airport I was so excited. It was our first couples holiday despite being together a while & I couldn't wait to chill out & relax with him. 

Our apartment complex was gorgeous & we stayed at the Colina De Lapa in Carvoeiro. It was quite out of the way but perfect for the quiet winter sun get away we were after.

There's pros & cons with every holiday but there was only one con here (but that's what you get for going out of holiday season as we went in February), the con being the on site shop, restaurant, facilities & pool were all closed. Our apartment was great with loads of space & it was very clean & gorgeous. The location was to die for, surrounded by cliffs, sandy beaches & the pretty Portugese villages. 

Our resort was about a 40 minute walk from the town centre of Carvoeiro & as we love walking together this was great. Walking across cliff tops & along the sand, hand in hand, was the perfect way to see the area. We tasted some great food & made some English pals at Rascals Bar where they had amazing burgers & tasty kebab skewers (we ate there a fair bit as we went self catering). 

We also ate THE BEST ice cream. Gelato we love you. With so many flavours you'd be mental not to fall in love, and I won't even get started on the Nutella Crepes!! AMAZING! 

As on holiday you always experience something random & for us it was seeing Cliff Richard. Not the man himself but placards of him flogging his wine on every street corner. What a taste of home!

I had the best holiday with the best man I could ask for. And I can't wait for our holiday to Gran Canaria in October so we can relax & enjoy all over again.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday postcard from my Portugal holiday from February 2013. We're busy saving up spending money gor our next holiday now, while saving up for a mortgage. Eeek grown ups!!

#holidaypostcard and this was my entry for the Travel Supermarket Holiday Postcard Comp & if I don't win, I loved re-living & re-telling our first holiday :)

Becs x

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