Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fashion-ize My Life

I love to accessorise my life whether that be with clothes, jewellery, hair bands, shoes, bags and even home wares. I love my life to be filled with the pretty things I love… who doesn't?

And having gorgeous rooms & a home with decor I love around me is important too which is why I also love accessorising at home. From candles to table cloths and wall art to photo frames, I want my space to be about me so without further or do I present to you one of my true loves…

Like many young people nowadays (struggling with money, finding a job where you can actually obtain a contract and affording a place to live) I'm on the hunt for my perfect property and saving up for a hefty mortgage deposit, all whilst trying to live a great and somewhat sociable life.

And with a lot of saving going on, trying to get bits together for the illusive moving out day can be difficult but along with my love for IKEA and a few top tips on homemade shabby chic, budgeting that cash and reusing, recycling and having a keen eye for bargains, I'm going to show you into my own little world of life, love, colour and home wares. 

What can I say about IKEA? For knick knacks and larger items it's good value for money. From beds and mattresses to spice racks and tea lights, they sell pretty much all you need for the home. Even garden furniture and plants!  

I went to IKEA on Sunday and picked up a few bits, as when I go there I can't not buy something to put under my bed ready for the move (as I know what I want and I know what I need and for most of IKEA's cheap prices why not?) I generally pick up little bits from there as I live about 40 minutes away from my nearest store, and in a different county and city, so if I order something big it cost me a fair bit in delivery and with a corsa I'm not getting much back in there haha.

Inside IKEA is even done up like a house!! Great for ideas and 
some top notch creating techniques! Love love love

My favourite things in IKEA have to be the lights and kitchen section. They've some gorgeous plates and crockery, decent quality pans for bargain prices and some great storage solutions… I mean check out my spice jars and spice rack below. Together they're going to look fab in my kitchen as I love cooking so why not display what I love? :)

The lighting and garden section is fab too. They have some great lights from wall lights and bedside lamps to really funky bamboo shades and lanterns, and you're never short of some fab glass ware in the garden section, check out the glass rectangle vase and other vase below, perfect for putting in some flowers or decorating with coloured glass beads.

I could go on, but you don't want to get me started on the wrapping paper and notebook section haha (It's GREAT!)

Lantern: £2
Tea Lights: £1.50
Candle: 95p
White holder: £2.50

(L)Mirror: £25
(R)Frame: £5

Vase: 65p
Rectangle Vase: £3
Wooden Draws: £9
Basket: £5.50

Spice Jars: £1.90 for 4
Wooden Spice Rack: £3

Fabric: £6 per metre
Notebook: £4
Ribbon: £1.50

Hope you enjoyed my IKEA rave! Gosh I love that place… I could love there haha. Can you tell I could go on and on? 

Becs x

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