Friday, 16 August 2013

Boots & Superdrug Haul

I've seen a few bits which I've been loving on people's blogs, YouTube channels and generally on the counters so I thought, as I've felt a bit meh at the moment I'd treat myself to a few beauty bits.

(And when you have a Superdrug card, a Boots card and Boots are doing their 3 for 2 offer, I thought I'd be silly not too - plus I've really curbed my spending recently as I'm saving for a mortgage- big girl now, so every now and again it's nice to have a little treat).

So firstly to Boots….


Hello beauties, is pretty much what was going through my mind when I walked up to the Maybelline counter and looked for the Baby Lips lip balms. There were only a few left!! There were a few of the un tinted ones and only 2 tinted ones and luckily they were the 2 colours I wanted. I quickly grabbed them and hurried off incase anyone else was eyeing them up haha as after seeing so much American hype about them when I heard they'd landed here (courtesy of the lovely Milly from Pearls and Poodles) I was happy happy happy and couldn't wait to get my hands on them, so letting these go was not an option.

I generally love tinted lip balms as they're a nice alternative to a heavier lipstick, so was very curious to discover the hype of the Baby Lips ones myself. There's 6 Baby Lips Lip Balms in the set, 3 purely a balm with no tint and 3 tinted. 

Here's the ones I picked up. Cherry Me, Pink Punch & Intense Care. 

They're really moisturising and felt really nice on. The colour pay off is great and they looked really pigmented. I'm not too sure about the lasting 8 hours statement as with lip balms they often wear off pretty quick but we'll soon see as I wear them more and more. They'll definitely be found in the handbag for the rest of the summer and of course autumn winter when the dryer lips come out.

Then I toddled over to the Seventeen stand as I had a voucher which meant I could get an eye product for £1. Would be silly to miss this bargain so I thought I'd get a neutral eye trio. Bargain for £1 hen they're normally £4.99. The pay off looks pretty good and I thought what a great little trio for holidays. Nice, small and compact, perfect for the suitcase.

I  also needed another St Ives Apricot Face Scrub as I've ran out and it's one of my holy grail products. (I've done a blog post on my night time skin care routine including this here) SO I definitely needed to repurchase it. And here it is…

It's really gritty and actually scrubs your face which I love in an exfoliator. I don't see the point of it if it just feels like you're moisturising and doesn't feel abrasive.

And last but not least from Boots was face wipes. 3 for £3. Bargain. Great for using on your face in the morning when you've not got make up to take off but just need a refresh.

Now to Superdrug, the whole like two minutes walk from Boots. 

And next to Superdrug. The Superdrug where I work in Gloucester isn't that brilliant and I wanted to pick up some of the Fashionista stuff which I've seen online, but could I find this anywhere? Nope.

I really want to get my hands on Fashionistas blushers and bronzers… and a few eye shadows to pop in their make your own palettes as I think they'll be great to pop in my suitcase for holiday and will definitely save space - so looks like that will be an online shop purchase. And online MUA is having a sale at the mo and the Fashionista stuff is all pretty much half price so get there quick if you want anything, (not before me though please as I bet when I go to look at what I want it'll be sold out haha).

So after telling you what I didn't buy in Superdrug what did I buy? 

Well holiday miniatures of course haha. They had a 3 for £3 deal so I went for it and bought 6 things. I didn't want to go to mental and I'm going clothes shopping to Cheltenham on Saturday with my mum so want to save some money for holiday clothes, and I'm off to Cabots Circus over the Bank Holiday with the boyfriend for some holiday shopping too, so really I need stuff to wear to go in my suitcase not mini shower gels haha. 

So here's what I got…

I got my boyfriend a mini Lynx shower geland myself the Lemon Original Sourceone, then to be lovely I got the Mint Original Source one for us to share incase we run out of our own individual minis haha. 

I never go on holiday without a first aid kit so I went mental and bought a mini Sudocrem and Savalon. You never know when you'll get cuts or bruises while on holiday (I learnt this when an accident happened on a holiday I went on last year and my first aid kit was a big laugh when they saw it in my suitcase but when I whipped it out in the emergency no one was laughing then HAHA I win!)

After saying I love the St Ives Apricot Scrub, when in Superdrug with the miniatures I spotted a mini tube of the exfoliator! Yay! Into my holiday suitcase you go mr!

And last but not least a razor! Yay! I hate spending loads of money of razors as to be honest why would I want to when I can buy much better stuff? I normally buy the Gilette ones but it's not payday until next week so I went for the Superdrug's own one. A razor razes what ever right? So I thought I'd give it a go. It also came with 2 blades as well which was good for £3.99 as you usually only get 1 blade with the more expensive ones. So here's to summer smooth legs Superdrug style ;)

Now that's the end of my beauty spend up, wasn't too bad really was it? 

Let me know what you're loving in the comments below and if you want to see a review of anything or photos of the nail varnish. 

Now it's time to sit back and look forward to tomorrow when I'm going on the hunt for the red poppy dress in Primark. I want it!!! Wish me luck :)

Becs x


  1. I love the St Ives Fresh Skin scrub, can't live without it! Also let me know how you get on the 17 eyeshadow pallet! You got some really good stuff.

    Lucy | Lucys Lifestyle

    1. It's a god send that scrub isn't it! Aw thanks yeah I'll let you know how the eyeshadow goes. Will review if decent :) xxx