Thursday, 22 August 2013

At Home Manicure

So if you don't already know, I LOVE my nails. I love looking after them, painting them & hate it when they get chipped or look ragged. 

I've just got back from the gym after a long hectic day in London for work meetings, have endured 5 hours on train and an hour on the tube so I definitely feel up to a relaxing evening, so what better time than to freshen up my nails. 

The only problem I have when doing my nails is what colour to choose. I've got so many nails varnishes and picking a colour to have is always a massive decision. And if it's not colour I'm indecisive about it's design. Do I want a plain sweep of colour or something more exciting. Today though, thanks to the lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, I've decided on glittery nails. (She put a pic on her Instagram of her newly painted pinky lilac nails with a gold glittery accent nail). Now I want some of that!

Now if you're a nail lover you'll definitely know the pain of taking off glitter polish! I literally hate hate hate it and to be honest it sometimes puts me off wearing glitter, as really, who wants to spend a good 30 minutes (at least!) scrubbing off grains of glitter from their nails?! Exactly, no one! But as lovely ladies it's part of life so every now & again I bite the bullet & go all out. Glitter tastic.

So onto my nail care routine (enough of my waffle...)

Step 1

I remove all my existing nail polish (which I always have as my nails are always painted, whether it's with a colour or a clear top coat) with nail varnish remover. I really like the Avon one & always have this is my cupboard, but have used Sally Hansen in the past. A great budget one is the Collection one as its only like £1.99 I think & it takes off your polish in one sweep (well, you know, it's speedy :] ).

Step 2

Next I do my cuticles. Because I do this often my cuticles are never in a mess so this step is quick & easy. I apply a hand & nail cream, currently using this Vaseline one, and use an orange stick/cuticle stick just to get rid of any excess skin.

Step 3

Moisturise :)

I apply a more hand cream and rub it in well, including all over my nails to add moisture. Then buff smooth & file. I use a Barbara Daly glass file & buffing block from Tesco.

Step 4

Set your base. 

Coat 1! I always apply my Sally Hansen Growth Miracle Polish as a base coat. It dries pretty matt which I find helps over polishes to stick well to it & makes my manicure last a bit longer. Plus it helps my nails grow (always a bonus).

Step 5

After my base coat is dry & I've chosen the look & colours I want I get stuck into painting. 

Today I'm using Verbena by Sinful Colors.

And Disco Mix by Models Own.

Now I simply apply coats of colour. I do one, then wait for about 15 minutes until it's properly dry then add coat 2. 2 coats usually does for most varnishes I find but if not I just repeat this step. 

TOP TIP- Apply thin coats of nail polish, other wise you'll be waiting forever for it to dry!

Step 6

Applying a top coat. I usually use either my Sally Hansen top coat or the Sally Hansen Speed Dry Top Coat, as they're both super shiny & make my nails look perfect.

And that's it done :) my at home nail care routine. 

Hope you enjoyed it & if you've got any favourite nail products let me know below.

Becs x

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