Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Insta August

Thought I'd share a few pics of what I've been up to on my Instagram account this August.

Hoping to make this a monthly feature so let me know if you enjoy.

So without further a do, in August I..

1. Lost put it on again. BUT I'm still 1stone lighter than I was! So should remember my achievements as well as bad moments & learn to still enjoy myself.

2. Got some very snazzy nail wraps from Avon, which they used photos of on their twitter & Facebook page :) 

3. Got these gorgeous flowers from my amazing man

4. I had a girly day with my mum and went shopping... And did an outfit of the day post :) 

5. I wanted to get back on track with my weightloss! AND STILL DO! 10 stone 10 for holiday. Come on girl!!!

6. I got a KOALA phone case from Primark 

7. I took this gorgeous man to Dawlish & showed him where I used to have family holidays 

8. I celebrated my 22nd birthday :) happy birthday me

Happy August. Here's to a great September. 

Bec x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

At Home Manicure

So if you don't already know, I LOVE my nails. I love looking after them, painting them & hate it when they get chipped or look ragged. 

I've just got back from the gym after a long hectic day in London for work meetings, have endured 5 hours on train and an hour on the tube so I definitely feel up to a relaxing evening, so what better time than to freshen up my nails. 

The only problem I have when doing my nails is what colour to choose. I've got so many nails varnishes and picking a colour to have is always a massive decision. And if it's not colour I'm indecisive about it's design. Do I want a plain sweep of colour or something more exciting. Today though, thanks to the lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, I've decided on glittery nails. (She put a pic on her Instagram of her newly painted pinky lilac nails with a gold glittery accent nail). Now I want some of that!

Now if you're a nail lover you'll definitely know the pain of taking off glitter polish! I literally hate hate hate it and to be honest it sometimes puts me off wearing glitter, as really, who wants to spend a good 30 minutes (at least!) scrubbing off grains of glitter from their nails?! Exactly, no one! But as lovely ladies it's part of life so every now & again I bite the bullet & go all out. Glitter tastic.

So onto my nail care routine (enough of my waffle...)

Step 1

I remove all my existing nail polish (which I always have as my nails are always painted, whether it's with a colour or a clear top coat) with nail varnish remover. I really like the Avon one & always have this is my cupboard, but have used Sally Hansen in the past. A great budget one is the Collection one as its only like £1.99 I think & it takes off your polish in one sweep (well, you know, it's speedy :] ).

Step 2

Next I do my cuticles. Because I do this often my cuticles are never in a mess so this step is quick & easy. I apply a hand & nail cream, currently using this Vaseline one, and use an orange stick/cuticle stick just to get rid of any excess skin.

Step 3

Moisturise :)

I apply a more hand cream and rub it in well, including all over my nails to add moisture. Then buff smooth & file. I use a Barbara Daly glass file & buffing block from Tesco.

Step 4

Set your base. 

Coat 1! I always apply my Sally Hansen Growth Miracle Polish as a base coat. It dries pretty matt which I find helps over polishes to stick well to it & makes my manicure last a bit longer. Plus it helps my nails grow (always a bonus).

Step 5

After my base coat is dry & I've chosen the look & colours I want I get stuck into painting. 

Today I'm using Verbena by Sinful Colors.

And Disco Mix by Models Own.

Now I simply apply coats of colour. I do one, then wait for about 15 minutes until it's properly dry then add coat 2. 2 coats usually does for most varnishes I find but if not I just repeat this step. 

TOP TIP- Apply thin coats of nail polish, other wise you'll be waiting forever for it to dry!

Step 6

Applying a top coat. I usually use either my Sally Hansen top coat or the Sally Hansen Speed Dry Top Coat, as they're both super shiny & make my nails look perfect.

And that's it done :) my at home nail care routine. 

Hope you enjoyed it & if you've got any favourite nail products let me know below.

Becs x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday Postcard- Portugal

Everyone remembers their first holiday to a new country, and for me, I'd never travelled to Portugal before I went for valentines with my man.

When we got up early morning to travel to the airport I was so excited. It was our first couples holiday despite being together a while & I couldn't wait to chill out & relax with him. 

Our apartment complex was gorgeous & we stayed at the Colina De Lapa in Carvoeiro. It was quite out of the way but perfect for the quiet winter sun get away we were after.

There's pros & cons with every holiday but there was only one con here (but that's what you get for going out of holiday season as we went in February), the con being the on site shop, restaurant, facilities & pool were all closed. Our apartment was great with loads of space & it was very clean & gorgeous. The location was to die for, surrounded by cliffs, sandy beaches & the pretty Portugese villages. 

Our resort was about a 40 minute walk from the town centre of Carvoeiro & as we love walking together this was great. Walking across cliff tops & along the sand, hand in hand, was the perfect way to see the area. We tasted some great food & made some English pals at Rascals Bar where they had amazing burgers & tasty kebab skewers (we ate there a fair bit as we went self catering). 

We also ate THE BEST ice cream. Gelato we love you. With so many flavours you'd be mental not to fall in love, and I won't even get started on the Nutella Crepes!! AMAZING! 

As on holiday you always experience something random & for us it was seeing Cliff Richard. Not the man himself but placards of him flogging his wine on every street corner. What a taste of home!

I had the best holiday with the best man I could ask for. And I can't wait for our holiday to Gran Canaria in October so we can relax & enjoy all over again.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday postcard from my Portugal holiday from February 2013. We're busy saving up spending money gor our next holiday now, while saving up for a mortgage. Eeek grown ups!!

#holidaypostcard and this was my entry for the Travel Supermarket Holiday Postcard Comp & if I don't win, I loved re-living & re-telling our first holiday :)

Becs x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Primark & More Haul

You might have seen that I was pretty excited for a day out with my mum yesterday & was also happy about having a look around the shops & hopefully finding some great bargains.

And of course, when the word bargain is mentioned Primark is never far away. Now whether you're a Pre-mark sayer or a Pri-mark sayer we all love it & know that for those one off trends it's the perfect place to go. So obviously ... 

I wasn't looking for anything in particular but for me I always find this the best way of shopping. Go out without high expectations & you won't be disappointed (pretty much my outlook on life to be honest) haha. 

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous coral maxi dress. 

It's just a standard cotton jersey material but feels really soft & itsn't see through!! Sometimes Primark quality can be quite low when it comes to decent material (take their leggings for example. Want to wear standard leggings without a long top, dress or skirt? Then don't buy Primark ones. Yes they may be cheap but you CAN see your underwear). But this dress was great & with normal underwear & a nude or white bra, underwear is undetectable.

The colour is also really on trend & is that perfect summer colour. Perfect for summer holidays & I'm off to Gran Canaria in October for my holiday (catch some sun after summer has well & truely left England, plus it's mine & my boyfriend's anniversary so it'll be lush). This will definitely be coming in my suitcase to wear in the evenings. And when I come home off of holiday & autumn is well & truely upon us it'll look great with black pumps, a gorgeous scarf, black cardigan & my trusty leather jacket. Perfect!

The next thing I popped in my basket was a jersey skater dress.

It's got 3/4 length sleeves & is a vibrant true red colour. I bought this as it was a bargain at £5 & I thought it'd be great for work with tights or leggings & boots over the autumn winter (yep, thinking ahead haha). It's a good length too & falls just above the knee so if you're feeling like baring the legs it's a safe length. 

Walking around Primark my eyes then fell on these beauties!! 


Now I wanted some knee high boots last year in this exact style, but could I find any which would zip up over my runners calves?! Could I heck? So I never got any. But when I saw these I was literally so excited. They're black with the brown top which comes just to the knee. They've got some really nice detail on with a strap & gold buckle & as you can see in the pic they still had the tissue paper over the buckle to protect it! Primark Win! 

They've got a slight heel but really I'd say these were flats... and exactly what I was looking for. I commute to work driving everyday & hate driving in heels so whenever I usually wear boots in the winter it's a case of either swapping shoes to drive or wearing non water proof shoes, but not this year with these beauties. Perfect to drive in & they're water proof (well shower proof, they're not wellies) & I love them. Definitely my favourite purchase in ages & they were only £20! Bargain! Love love love.

So after falling in love with the best boots in the world I turned the corner & saw this black cotton midi skirt... for £5!

I have a red jersey midi skirt which I bought in the sale when my local Republic store shut down & I love it, but sometimes red can be a bit too bright & doesn't always go with everything, so when I saw this one in black I knew it was a must have. Great for dressing up for nights out, perfect for work & a great wardrobe staple.

Then to pick up some accessories... in the form of some snag free hair elastics.

I often put my hair in little plaits then clip at the back so these are perfect to secure the ends before adding a little clip. It's one of my go to hair styles & I'll probably do a post on it soon.

And last but not least I picked up a basic vest top. 

I already own one but always seem to miss it when it's in the wash so grabbed another one. They're only like £2 too so can't complain. Great basic & everyone needs a black vest top. 

The next stop was M&S. 

I know what you're thinking, M&S is mostly for older people, it's where your nan might shop. But honestly go there for their leggings! Their leggings great, yes slightly pricey, but great. I got two pairs exactly the same from their Indigo range. Just simple black ankle length leggings. They're really thick so if you want to wear them with a shorter top you can & your pants will be free from prying eyes. Great quality too & even though they were £12.50 each I know they're going to last all through autumn and winter, especially as I'll be living in them with my gorgeous boots.

Then to New Look!

I only needed to get one thing really & that was a white bandeau. Plain simple & £2.99. Perfect for putting under tops that are a tad too revealing or for a little top on the beach.

And randomly to finish off this haul I popped into Lakelands.

My mum needed a new tin opener & I love home wares, kitchen appliances, crockery & home knick nacks so I was right in there. As you may know I'm gathering bits for when me & my boyfriend get our own place (fingers crossed next year), so picked up a boiled egg lifter (random but I have one at home now & always use it when I make egg & soldiers haha) and a trusty tin opener (and none of this magic can rubbish, just a big standard opener which I can actually use). 

Hope you enjoyed my haul & if you want to see anything tried on, keep a look out for OOTD posts as they'll all be featured soon I'm sure.

Let me know what you think of my new pieces in the comments below.

Bec x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

OOTD- Shopping

Today I took a trip to Cheltenham to do a bit of shopping and have a girly day with my mum. 

While I was trying a few things on (keep your eyes peeled for a haul soon) I thought I'd take a few snaps of my outfit and do a quick OOTD post.

It's been a bit grey today but still warm so I went for some high waisted light wash skinny jeans with a chiffon white cami & peach floaty cardigan. Finished off with my purple slipper shoes.

Jeans- New Look (last year)
Cami- New Look
Cardigan- New Look (a few summers ago)
Shoes- Tesco (last year) 

Becs x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Boots & Superdrug Haul

I've seen a few bits which I've been loving on people's blogs, YouTube channels and generally on the counters so I thought, as I've felt a bit meh at the moment I'd treat myself to a few beauty bits.

(And when you have a Superdrug card, a Boots card and Boots are doing their 3 for 2 offer, I thought I'd be silly not too - plus I've really curbed my spending recently as I'm saving for a mortgage- big girl now, so every now and again it's nice to have a little treat).

So firstly to Boots….


Hello beauties, is pretty much what was going through my mind when I walked up to the Maybelline counter and looked for the Baby Lips lip balms. There were only a few left!! There were a few of the un tinted ones and only 2 tinted ones and luckily they were the 2 colours I wanted. I quickly grabbed them and hurried off incase anyone else was eyeing them up haha as after seeing so much American hype about them when I heard they'd landed here (courtesy of the lovely Milly from Pearls and Poodles) I was happy happy happy and couldn't wait to get my hands on them, so letting these go was not an option.

I generally love tinted lip balms as they're a nice alternative to a heavier lipstick, so was very curious to discover the hype of the Baby Lips ones myself. There's 6 Baby Lips Lip Balms in the set, 3 purely a balm with no tint and 3 tinted. 

Here's the ones I picked up. Cherry Me, Pink Punch & Intense Care. 

They're really moisturising and felt really nice on. The colour pay off is great and they looked really pigmented. I'm not too sure about the lasting 8 hours statement as with lip balms they often wear off pretty quick but we'll soon see as I wear them more and more. They'll definitely be found in the handbag for the rest of the summer and of course autumn winter when the dryer lips come out.

Then I toddled over to the Seventeen stand as I had a voucher which meant I could get an eye product for £1. Would be silly to miss this bargain so I thought I'd get a neutral eye trio. Bargain for £1 hen they're normally £4.99. The pay off looks pretty good and I thought what a great little trio for holidays. Nice, small and compact, perfect for the suitcase.

I  also needed another St Ives Apricot Face Scrub as I've ran out and it's one of my holy grail products. (I've done a blog post on my night time skin care routine including this here) SO I definitely needed to repurchase it. And here it is…

It's really gritty and actually scrubs your face which I love in an exfoliator. I don't see the point of it if it just feels like you're moisturising and doesn't feel abrasive.

And last but not least from Boots was face wipes. 3 for £3. Bargain. Great for using on your face in the morning when you've not got make up to take off but just need a refresh.

Now to Superdrug, the whole like two minutes walk from Boots. 

And next to Superdrug. The Superdrug where I work in Gloucester isn't that brilliant and I wanted to pick up some of the Fashionista stuff which I've seen online, but could I find this anywhere? Nope.

I really want to get my hands on Fashionistas blushers and bronzers… and a few eye shadows to pop in their make your own palettes as I think they'll be great to pop in my suitcase for holiday and will definitely save space - so looks like that will be an online shop purchase. And online MUA is having a sale at the mo and the Fashionista stuff is all pretty much half price so get there quick if you want anything, (not before me though please as I bet when I go to look at what I want it'll be sold out haha).

So after telling you what I didn't buy in Superdrug what did I buy? 

Well holiday miniatures of course haha. They had a 3 for £3 deal so I went for it and bought 6 things. I didn't want to go to mental and I'm going clothes shopping to Cheltenham on Saturday with my mum so want to save some money for holiday clothes, and I'm off to Cabots Circus over the Bank Holiday with the boyfriend for some holiday shopping too, so really I need stuff to wear to go in my suitcase not mini shower gels haha. 

So here's what I got…

I got my boyfriend a mini Lynx shower geland myself the Lemon Original Sourceone, then to be lovely I got the Mint Original Source one for us to share incase we run out of our own individual minis haha. 

I never go on holiday without a first aid kit so I went mental and bought a mini Sudocrem and Savalon. You never know when you'll get cuts or bruises while on holiday (I learnt this when an accident happened on a holiday I went on last year and my first aid kit was a big laugh when they saw it in my suitcase but when I whipped it out in the emergency no one was laughing then HAHA I win!)

After saying I love the St Ives Apricot Scrub, when in Superdrug with the miniatures I spotted a mini tube of the exfoliator! Yay! Into my holiday suitcase you go mr!

And last but not least a razor! Yay! I hate spending loads of money of razors as to be honest why would I want to when I can buy much better stuff? I normally buy the Gilette ones but it's not payday until next week so I went for the Superdrug's own one. A razor razes what ever right? So I thought I'd give it a go. It also came with 2 blades as well which was good for £3.99 as you usually only get 1 blade with the more expensive ones. So here's to summer smooth legs Superdrug style ;)

Now that's the end of my beauty spend up, wasn't too bad really was it? 

Let me know what you're loving in the comments below and if you want to see a review of anything or photos of the nail varnish. 

Now it's time to sit back and look forward to tomorrow when I'm going on the hunt for the red poppy dress in Primark. I want it!!! Wish me luck :)

Becs x