Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Styling Up Superdry

When I was told by the girls at The Muse Tv that I was the winner of this gorgeous Superdry Cutty Dress I was pretty excited. It's the perfect summer dress as it's light and airy as well as being a vibrant colour. I wanted to win it as it looked so versatile and when I received it the first thing I wanted to do was create a look book with it as I know I'm going to enjoy wearing it this summer.

The stretch jersey material at the top is great as its soft and flexible and doesn't constrict movement like some stiff summer dresses do. It also helps keep you cool as it's not a really thick fabric. Then the broderie anglaise bit across the neck is beautiful and the cut outs are a really pretty floral design. This pattern also covers the skirt which makes it very floaty and pretty.The waist is synched in with a white and pink elasticated waist band which is really pretty and my boyfriend said it gave a sporty look to the dress, so if you wanted to dress it down, it wouldn't look out of place with a pair of converse. Perfect for a summer day out at a theme park, relaxing in the garden or going on a walk.

To dress it up I paired it with these white wedges from New Look and this shoulder bag. The wedges make it a fun day time look for when you want to be a bit more dressy but not too OTT.  Plus you can add sunnies for that perfect summer day time look.

This look is based on a general day to day or even a beach look. Hair up, flip flops, it's so easy. This dress is so versatile and because of the material, if you wear it to the beach whilst on holiday or even around the pool, if it gets wet it'll dry really quick as the material is so light.

This next look is taking the dress from day to night. Whether you're out in a beer garden or taking an evening stroll transform this look with a denim jacket for those cooler summer evenings or why not pop on a leather jacket to rock the dress up a bit.

This dress is so versatile and comfortable that it's definitely going to be coming on my holiday later this summer. Gorgeous vibrant pink with girly lace detail… perfect.
It'll also be a great piece to use as a transition into autumn (I know we don't want to think of this just yet but this dress really will help your wardrobe in the change of season). The colour will still make heads turn but pair this with black tight, little boots, black cardigan and a scarf and your autumn look is right there. Versatility at its best.

I love the dress worn on its own and also love the look with a denim jacket. It's definitely going to be one of my summer staples (and so far has been).
Thanks Superdry and The Muse TV :)And here's the link to the dress if you've fallen in love.

Becs x

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Slimming World: Tasty Meals

So what can I say about Slimming World?

It's good, you can eat & it's tasty! But best of all it's not a diet.

Healthy eating with Slimming World has changed my life & I know I'll never go back to my old way of thinking when it comes to food.

Slimming World really has taught me that you can enjoy everything in moderation. Even alcohol, sweets & chocolate! Now I don't know any diet which allows that! Or how about unlimited potato, rice or even noodles! Don't believe me then check out these syn free dishes! And syn free means its free so eat as much as you like. And reminder eat until you're comfortably full, not bursting hehe as I know with some of these meals I just wanted to keep eating haha.

Fry in Fry Light only
Cut fat off meat
Quorn low fat sausages are syn free

Homemade chips cooked in Fry Light
Weight watchers wholemeal pitta used as healthy extra 
Chicken in Chinese 5 spice is free & of course so is lettuce.
Skip the mayo & it's SYN FREE. 
I had 1/2 a tablespon of 70% less fat mayo so it added 1/2 a syn to this meal

Veg & potatoes are free
Take fat off meat
Only cook in fry light 

Use Fry Light to cook with
All veg, chicken, rice & spices are free 

Pasta is syn free as are mushrooms
Sauce is made from Quark soft cheese & fat free fromage frais with 
added garlic which is all free

Mash is free, don't add milk, add quark & fat free natural yog as they're free
Fish is free
Peas are free
Make sauce from melting quark, fat free fromage frais with some Fush stock.

Becs x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I Love A Debenhams Splurge

I do love a good splurge and I don't know about you but when Debenhams have a sale I love it. I never do well in sales, I always go hoping to find some gorgeous margins after seeing friends and work colleagues finding some amazing pieces for a tiny price tag, so I run to the shops and always come back empty handed and disappointed. Saying that when Debenhams have a blue cross day, 30% off, 50% off, or a sale of any kind I generally do really well! 
So without further or do, I present to you my 3 newest purchases. Only 1 was in the sale but the other 2 I got some percentage off so a bargain all the same, so here are my 3 new beauties and I LOVE them.
This first one is a pretty coral pink and cream dress from Miss Selfridge. With a price tag of £65 I'd have thought no way. But when it said £20 on the red reduced sticker I new I had to try it on. It's a gorgeous heavy-ish material and feels amazing quality which I love. The back of the dress is the same colour as the skirt and the front is a creamy white with little crochet flowery bobbles on (sounds weird I know but it's stunning). The quality and colour is amazing and it's definitely going to be a go to party dress this Summer and it's a definite contender for my Summer Birthday Dress :) What's even better is when I took his beauty to the til it came up as £18! Bargain!
The second one is a gorgeous pleated chiffon dip hemmed dress.  Its cream background with yellow, green and orange flowers on, really stood out to me on the rail and when I showed a picture of it to my boyfriend he loved it so I had to buy it. It's really light and perfect for the Summer heatwave weather we're having at the moment and is the perfect Wedding guest dress. I wore this to a wedding at the weekend and had compliments on how lovely it was. It also synched in my waist and made me look slimmer which every girl loves. I completed this wedding look with a pair of patent nude heels, a little ivory clutch, a necklace and bracelet as well as a little gold flower in my hair. I love it and felt like a pretty princess hehe and for £30 it was a pretty good deal, not the cheapest but I do believe I got 20% off so it was really less than £30. Happy shopper!
This third dress is by Apricot and was the most expensive of the 3 at £35. Once again I got 20% off so it did come down in price but I couldn't not buy it as it is so pretty. It's the perfect work dress or more formal day dress and is a thin cotton material (but it's no way near see through which is great) and it's a bright orange colour with taupe/grey polka dots on it. The belt it came with ties it together nicely and it does up with a zip at the back. It's a great length too as I don't like dresses that are too short and usually end up wearing little cycle shorts under most things just to cover modesty in any mishaps haha. But theres no need for that with this dress, or any of these 3 beauties for that matter.
So there's a peak at what I bought last week in Debenhams. They've got some great Summer things in at the moment and the sale is still going on so definitely check it out.
Becs x