Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Loving My Basic Face!

Looking for a new nude basics combo? 

I trawl the high street and high end brands to find the best base make up that works for me. From cheap foundations to high end BB cream I'm a sucker for them all so always end up with loads of them. Primers, colour correctors, foundations, skin tints, tinted moisturisers, BB creams, you name it I have it! 

I'm not a big fan of heavy coverage, as as a rule my skin is pretty good (touch wood touch wood, I have a wedding to go to on Saturday haha), so I only need a light coverage. I do suffer with redness and large pores though so I usually use light products which won't cake my face.

And having such a vast collection of these products I want to share my 2 favourite combinations with you guys! 
I love a matt finish, as with oily skin, a dewy glow just makes you look greasy! 

So without further a do I proudly announce my top 2 combos! 

Combo 1- A firm loved favourite

I first tried out the CC creams when they launched after loving the BB versions. I have the green one for redness and the purple one for brightness and I love them both.

I love the formulation and really like how it doesn't feel like a foundation when you put it on. The colour blends to my face really well and I love the look it gives. I also find it really mattifying! 
I just squiggle it over my face then rub it in with my fingers and the finnish is perfect. I do love my faithful Loreal friend! Thank you CC Cream you may take a seat! 

On top of this I use a powder. As I do have oily skin, throughout the day I need to control it but with these product I have no need. 

After applying the CC cream I wait about 5 minutes, usually brushing my teeth in the meantime, and then I apply a powder. I've really been enjoying the Fit Me range by Maybelline recently and have loved it since it to was launched.
I just swirl the brush in and sweep it across my face, patting it across my oiliest areas like my chin, nose and forehead.

And that is my basic face with combo 1. I'd happily go out with just this on my face and for me is a perfect day to day base which stays all day.

Combo 2

I use exactly the same method to apply these 2 products as I do my combo 1 products but this time I switch it up by using the No 7 BB Cream and the No 7 Powder Foundation.

The BB cream is a lot thicker than the Loreal one and it smells like chocolate! Winner!! Usually I don't like thick formulations but this one goes on really light, doesn't clog the skin and feels really smooth and light weight. I use the colour medium and it's a pretty good match for my skin tone.

The No 7 Powder Foundation is also very light, and if you have perfect skin it'd be a great product to use on it's own to get rid of any shine. But as I suffer with redness I put the BB Cream underneath to make my complexion more even…. and I love it.

This is my other fav combo.

I mix it up during the week as of which one I wear but I love both so thought I'd share.

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