Thursday, 16 May 2013

Let's Talk About Moisturisers!

It's not fancy, it's not pretty, it doesn't have us all drooling! But it is one of the most important things in a beauty skin care routine! 

From high end to high street there's so many lotions and potions out there which tell us they'll tighten, firm, decrease oil, hydrate, prime, colour correct and everything else under the sun, so how are we meant to know what's best for our skin?!

Well over the past year I've been trying lots of moisturisers to try and find the best one for my skin type! I have combination to oily skin but if I put the wrong product on my skin does not like it at all. I turn into a oily mess with the a shine a new car would be proud off, which I hate, obviously! 
So if you struggle with oily skin like myself then hopefully this product review will give you a helping hand! 

Over the past 12 months I've tried and tested loads, but I've picked the best, the not so good and the worst ones I've tried! So be prepared for a product blessing and a product bashing! 


At 4 it's the Nivea Daily Express Primer. I had such high hopes for this product as I'd heard rave reviews at how it was great primer and could also double up as a moisturiser so was a perfect one pot product. But for me it just didn't work. I found the gel like formula too runny and it never seemed to sink into my skin. 

Applying make up over it? I'd never be able to do it as my face was left wet and sticky! Yes it felt hydrated but that's because it generally left me with a wet face. 

I have heard that if you apply it as a touch up throughout the day it helps to blend your foundation back into a perfect finish if it's slipped around during the day. I haven't tried this tip as I frankly didn't like the product and didn't buy it for that use. It's also a pretty hefty and heavy glass pot to carry around with you for small tough ups too.  

However, I do think this product would work great if your skin is either dry or doesn't get oily as it really is packed with vitamins and really does moisturise and hydrate the skin! It's just not an oily girl's go to.

At number 3 it's the Avon Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Day Mattifier SPF15. It's a similar consistency to the Nivea Primer one with the gel formula but this one is more like a gel crossed with a cream.

It wasn't heady or oily but I don't think it mattified my skin. During the first couple of weeks of use it was great but as my skin became used to the product it didn't work as well. 

I repurchased this product twice but now it lies pretty much dormant in my cupboard because of my number 1! 


The runner up is Simple's Night and Day moisturisers from the age resisting collection. I got these as when in your 20s it's a good idea to start to prepare so I thought why not!? 

I really enjoying using these products and I love the fact I have a day cream and a night cream and the package is great. They come in a little pump bottle which is great as one pump does your whole face. I'm still currently using these (while my number 1 lives at the boyfriend's) and will probably repurchase the night cream. 

The formula of both products is a cream and its really nice to use. Weirdly I find the day cream heavier than the night cream which I initially found odd. I think this is the reason this product didn't quite work for me. 

I love the nigh cream as in the morning I still feel hydrate and refreshed but I think the day one is too heavy for me and leaves my skin probably too hydrated as throughout the day my face becomes shiny due to oil. 

    I'd definitely recommend both of these products but maybe don't use the day one if you   suffer with oily skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing the night cream and using it alongside my number 1 product, (which is by the same brand, so I still being faithful). 


Hold grail. The one I come back to time after time… yes it's the Simple Light and Hydrating Moisturiser.

Even though my number 2 products were also by Simple I noticed that this one was by far my have from taking a nearly used up bottle round to the boyfriends while I started using the day and night ones. 

From applying this moisturiser in the morning before makeup application and in the evening after cleansing at the boyfriend's, I've realised this product works a lot better for me. It keeps my face matt and doesn't leave me with a shiny finish after a few hours of wear under makeup. 

I love it!!! Thank you Simple!


  1. I have heard so many things about the Simple Moisturisers. I really want to try them. xx

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

    1. Definitely give them a go Hun! They're brilliant!! :D thanks for the comment too xx