Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I'm A Healthy Eater!

Summer is pretty much here, well it was until I woke up this morning and it was raining, and had dropped 7 degrees! Whaaaat?! I know, it's rubbish but the is British Summer Time for you. 

Now Summer is "here" I wanted to stop feeling sluggish, bloated  and overall not feeling my best so I though, why not become a super healthy eater and join Slimming World?

As my consultant says Slimming World is a healthy eating plan and not a diet! (or Dare I Eat That, as she called it). And she couldn't be more right! You can eat so much and in this first week I've been on it I swear I've eaten more than I ever did before. It's all healthy stuff from fruit and veg and salad and you can eat all the lean meat and fish you desire. Potatoes, chips and even chocolate is allowed in moderation and with the sun system it's pretty easy to calculate what you're eating.

Below is a few pics to show what I've been enjoying over my first week at Slimming World. I haven't had my first weigh in yet as that's tonight, so hoping I've lost some weight! Fingers crossed! 

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