Friday, 26 April 2013

Primark Nail Wraps Review

Well I saw these in Primark for the bargain price of £1, so thought why not? May as well try them and if they don’t work it’s not a lot of money lost.

On the packet it says to put the sticker/wrap on top of a clean nail with no nail varnish. I didn’t do this as I have massive man hands, literally. so for me the stickers were a tad on the small side on some fingers so I opted to paint my nails the base colour of the sticker itself.

Putting the stickers on was easy. Practise will make perfect though as I did have a few which were a tad wrinkled due to me not putting them on and smoothing them out flat, but it’s not noticeable when on the nail although it may show up on other designs.

After putting them on I trimmed off the excess length at the top of the nail and filed the rest off like the pack instructed. It actually left a pretty good finish which I was impressed with.

To finish off the look I painted a top coat all over the nail to make sure the sticker stayed stuck.

The photos below are straight after I applied the stickers and on day 3 (and by day 3 I’d washed my hair and everything so they were definitely put to the test.)

For £1 you can’t go wrong. A bargain price for a decent product. They’re nice for a quick fix and would look good for a few days but I can’t see them lasting a week! But they’re so easy to apply there’s no strain if having to apply more.

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