Monday, 9 December 2013

DIY Advent Calendars

Let's get creative! 

It might not be beauty related but I wanted to show you guys some of my creative handy work.  Some of you may know, if you follow me on Instagram you'll probably definitely know, that I love being creative. I often bake cakes and things of family and friend's birthday and love to give handmade and homemade gifts. 

This year I decided to make Advent Calendars. They were quite time consuming but I love sewing so found it really relaxing to do. I made every little bit of them myself, including the numbers, even if it did take ages to cut them all out.

Buying the materials for homemade gifts and crafts can get expensive so here's a tip; always look for alternatives.

For my advent calendars I needed a lot of felt, the main calendar itself was about a metre long and to buy fabric on a roll can be pricey. So to cut down the costs I bought some giant felt Christmas sacks from my local shop. I had more than enough fabric and coming in at £2 each (I bought one red sack and one green) it was so much cheaper than buying felt off the roll, or the internet.
Here's some photos of what they looked like as I was making them.

Have you gotten crafty this Christmas? If so, comment and tag your posts below.

Merry Crafty Christmas

Bec xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The White Musk® Set- The Body Shop : Review**

Firstly I'll talk about the presentation and packaging. It came in a really pretty mesh sponge bag, in a light purple shade which is really girly, pretty and of course very practical. It's a really good size and would be great for storing make up brushes, make up or even using it as a travel sponge bag. The wipe clean mesh is really useful too as if you do get it dirty it's easy to clean. It has a really pretty zip pull as well with the Body Shop logo which is a really subtle touch and I like the fact it isn't too over poweringly branded (is poweringly a word? haha).

Now let's go onto the the products. Firstly I'll start with the body lotion. The packaging is really cute and simple (like all Body Shop products are). The lines on the packaging are very sleek and streamline and the bottles look clean. Sounds odd but I'm sure you know what I mean? Body Shop products always have that simple, clean packing which looks classy, is practical and never looks too OTT, which I really love.

The lotion is the White Musk® Body Lotion and you get 60ml. 

It's a gorgeous creamy texture which isn't too sticky and when you rub it into your skin is sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave a residue. I don't know about you guys but some lotions and skin care creams leave like a grey film on my skin when they dry. 

Sounds weird, but the next day if I say, scratch my arm, i might get grey stuff under my finger nail from where the cream hasn't sunk into my skin properly and has just rested on top and got all manky… but with the Body Shop you get none of this. 

It's sinks in quickly, is really soft and not sticky and most of all it's moisturising too which is obviously what you're after in a body lotion. 

The scent is really pretty and smells florally but musky at the same time. It's that perfect girly scent for if you want not too over powering and not too in your face sickly and sweet. 

And obviously as the set is named White Musk® this is what all the products smell like.

Next up I'll talk about the shower gel. So it's the White Musk® Shower Gel and you get 60ml. 

Now if you've been following me for a while and have read a few of my posts, you'll see that I LOVE Body Shop shower gels. 

The ones I love the most are the ones which come in the big pump bottles but sadly these have been discontinued :( noooooo. You used to be able to get them in outlets but I think it's been a bit too long since they've been off the shelves now so I'm sadly onto my last bottle. They last a year though and are amazing and at only £6 for both it's a steal when you think that's a year's worth of showering haha. 

Anyway, back onto this mini cute one, which is so adorable... and kind of mother of pearl like in colour...

It smells gorgeous and is the perfect size for travelling (as is this whole set) and smells amazing (as does the rest of the set). 

It lathers up really well and when used with the mini puff (is this what they're called?) And you get one of these in the set* too so it's prefect.

So now onto the main man, the big shebang… the perfume. It's an Eau de Toilette and is 30ml in size and of course it smells delicious. Again it's that musky floral scent but wow it is very seductive. It's not too heavy and would be the perfect day time fragrance and isn't too florally for the winter months. The bottle is really pretty too and is made of glass so you can see the purple perfume through the bottle. I really like this in a perfume as with a clear bottle you can also tell when you're running low and when to nip out and buy some more. 

So what's my opinion?

I think this is a great little set and is the perfect size for travelling, even the perfume is a great handbag size. The colour is gorgeous too and the packaging makes it look really lovely. And with Christmas coming up it'd be the perfect gift for any lady or girl in your life, whether it be your mum or your younger sister. (That's another thing about the Body Shop, they cater for everyone and each product can suit a whole range of ages… perfect for that Christmas shopping trip!)

This set retails at £14 and is available from Body Shop stores and online at

*After looking it up online the one I have reviewed is slightly different to the one displayed on the website, which doesn't come with the body puff and is in a more vanity styled make up case. 

**This product was sent to me to be reviewed. I did not buy this product with my own money, but all opinions are my own and honest and true.

Have you tried any Body Shop perfumes or sets?
Let me know what you thought.

Becs xx

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I was going to get myself up together and do a scary nail look but seen as my Halloween party is done and dusted (had it last weekend) and my costume required me to wear gloves, I never got round to it. AND I'm currently road testing the Collection Gel nail varnishes and so far so good and I love them so keep your eyes peels for a review of that soon.

Anyway as you all know I also love baking so when Halloween and the word Party came together I put my baking head on and created some tasty creations. 

It might not be beauty related but it's life related as who doesn't love cake? Or a ginger bread house? Or ghosty pizza? haha.

So take a look at the pics below of some of my spooky treats and ghoulish goodies which  I made this year, plus I'll include a snap of my costume… and if you comment below with who I am bonus points for you haha :)

Happy Halloween!
Becs x

Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm Back: Life & Holiday Update

Hi Everyone! 

I know I know, it's been ages! BUT if you read my last post you'll see that I was away from the world and sunning myself in Gran Canaria last week, and with the weather here in the UK at the moment and lots of storms forecast, I really wish more than ever that I didn't have to come home.

Imagine relaxing by the pool in the 30 degree heat, sipping ice tea and nibbling ice lollies all whilst wearing a bikini…. to coming home to wet wet wet rain and chilly weather… yep it's a bit poo. BUT plus side is I have a tan so do look slightly healthier. Bonus :)

If any of you have followed my Slimming World journey you won't be surprised to hear that following the Slimming World plan went right out the window, as who doesn't want to indulge and enjoy their holiday? 

We went self catering so we did cook healthy meals but crisps round the pool, ice cream and biscuits did make an appearance… most days. But who cares? Back on it now and shedding that holiday weight haha. That always makes me laugh, get dieting before a holiday so you look good in a bikini or whatever and then when you're on holiday you pig out and kinda end back at square one but when you're all holiday rejuvenated it doesn't matter :) and I had an amazing time. TAKE ME BACK! 

And what else comes with getting back from holiday? Going back to work! Now I know most of us aren't keen on work but if we want money we gotta go, so here I am at my desk wishing I was at Aqualand (where I was last Monday).

So now I've ranted on with that little life update I'll get on with showing you some holiday snaps. Normal posts will resume shortly but thought I'd have a catch up with you all in my absence :)

Becs xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I'm going to be MIA

Well I'm finally off on holiday tomorrow so won't be posting for a while... BUT keep your eye out for some OOTD posts & OOTN posts on my return.


Friday, 11 October 2013

5 Random Things Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Hayley from Mad Hatter's Nail Party to do this 5 random things tag so I thought why not?

I don't know how random I am or what to write but I will think of the first 5 things which pop into my head.

Want to do this tag too?

1) Write 5 random things about yourself

2) Tag 5 people to do this tag

1) I am a constant worrier. I don't know why but I always worry about things and yep it drive people mad. Me included.

2) I gave up on love until I fell in love with my best friend. Cheesy but true

3) I have a First Class Honours Degree

4) My favourite chocolate/sweets are peanut M&Ms

5) I have a triangle of freckley moles on my tummy

Well that's me... random.

I tag:

Becs x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Best 5 Seconds!

Best 5 Seconds

I've seen loads of Tweets from the lovely guys at Avon recently all about the Best Five Seconds, and seen as I've been a poorly girly the last week I haven't been able to do much shopping (not that saving for a mortgage allows you to do much shopping anyway but you know), I thought I'd write a post all about my Best 5 Seconds.

Now I'm only 22 and when I think back at my achievements I think ummm, what, hmmmm, what are my achievements but after sitting down and thinking about some important 5 seconds in my life I came to realise that in ways I've achieved quiet a lot. Some people might not think so but here we go…

When I was told I'd gained a First 
in my University degree

This has to be one of my best 5 seconds. Knowing that all that hard work paid off and seeing it written down on a piece of paper and knowing I could put BA next to my name (not that I do haha) was exciting. I felt I'd achieved what I set out to achieve and was really proud of myself. And when I graduated back in November 2012 I had another best 5 seconds… this jumping photo with my amazing friends Harri and Kim… and this moment rein acting Titanic with Harri… 5 seconds of pure fun.

When I finally admitted to being in love

I'm not one to display my love life all over the internet so I'll keep this brief but when I finally admitted to loving my best friend and he finally became my boyfriend and my man really are the best 5 seconds of my life. I've never looked back and that moment has made the rest of my life from it so so happy. Known him for 6 years and been together for 1 but now I know that we should have been together years ago… (pffft what a time waster I am haha).

Receiving a picnic basket for my birthday

I love picnics and when my man presented me with a beautiful wicker picnic basket with a gorgeous blue checkered lining I was in heaven, another best 5 seconds (love and materialism… oopsies).

When I'm proud of my baby brother

He's not a baby he's 19 this month but when he makes me proud he doesn't half make me proud. Always a Best 5 Seconds of big sis love.

And I haven't had these best 5 seconds yet (so i suppose it could be seen as cheating) but ...

When I get my dream job, when I have the keys to my own home in my hands, and when I get married and have a family, they'll also be more best 5 seconds :) cheeeeeesy like cheddar.

What're you best 5 seconds?

Becs x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Beauty Blogger' Tag

It's time for another TAG style post. I know I did one of these as my last post as I was inspired by Avia from The Sparkleicious but this time I've been tagged by Courtney from to do "The Beauty Blogger Tag" created by The Beau Bow.

So to get started here are the rules….

1) State that this tag was created by THE BEAU BOW
2) Tag as many beauty bloggers as you'd like
3) Title this post as 'The Beauty Blogger' tag

Without further a do here are the questions!

1) Name a beauty routine you barely do.

I very very rarely use a primer (don't see much point as they're usually pretty expensive and when I have used them in the past I've never noticed a difference in my make up application or its staying power) and I never used a brush to apply a wet face product (BB Cream, CC Cream, Foundation,Cream Blush etc). I find using my fingers a lot easier and I find I get a lot better coverage with foundation and BB creams and a lot better precision with cream/liquid blush and bronzers. 

2) Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I have to say no. And let's be honest that is disgusting. I only ever use a powder brush for applying a light dusting over my BB Cream but I should still wash it more often. Saying that though I'm washing everything before I go on holiday in a few weeks as they'll have a week to dry as I'm not taking them with me :)

3) How long would you last with chipped nail varnish?

I hate having chipped nails but if I have to I can last a for as long as I need. If I'm going away or something and won't have time to reapply nail varnish I always try and pack some nail varnish removal pads so I don't have to go around with awful looking nails. Generally I take it off if it's chipped or reapply a coat if I can and the chip isn't too bad. BUT here's trick. If you apply a crackle polish over the top of chipped nails no one need to know! Your nails just look super funky instead.. stylish :D

4) How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty item or nail polish even if you need it (i.e foundation, top coat, etc.)

I'm pretty awful with this unless it's a necessity. BB Cream I will repurchase when I'm running out as I it's something I wear daily but with regards to top coats etc I put it off as I think, nah I don't need it. But usually I do, so I eventually I repurchase thinking I should have got this ages ago haha.

5) What is you worst beauty habit?

Umm I don't really know. Probably rubbing my eyes when I have make up on. Mascara all over my face is never a good look.

6) Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time. 

Ironing! But a lot of my clothes don't need ironing as I hang them up nicely to dry to the creases drop out, so I end up waiting for a massive pile and then just begrudgingly going through it.

7) When going out somewhere do you leave getting 
ready until last minute or not?

I can get ready as quick as anything. I've no shame in throwing an outfit on, leaving my hair au natural and refreshing the day's make up and if it's a special occasion I'll think about my outfit before hand so I know what I'm wearing so I can get ready quickly if needs be. If not, there's nothing wrong with taking your time with it, getting ready at leisure and taking an hour in the shower haha.

8) Can you commit to spending bans?

I've never really bothered with one. I say to myself don't buy anything you don't need and generally I won't. I'm trying to save for a mortgage so I've gotta get on it and tighten my purse strings.

9) How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections?

It's pretty organised. All my make up is in the bathroom in a little tray (I don't actually own THAT much at all as I always wear the same stuff whatever the occasion) and my lippies are in a little cute holder in my room. I store all my nail varnish, organised by brand, in a zebra print box on my stand and all my most used ones are in a Soap and Glory gift box by my bed. I love my nails so this has got to be my beauty do! Keep them tidy and know where all my colours are.

10) What is the longest time you have gone without writing a blog post?

Since I've been properly into it I think it's been a week, and that was the week just gone as I was on holiday. I enjoy writing them so don't not do it purposely, but at the same time I don't want to write about something which I'm not inspired about or throwing something together for the sake of posting.

So there's the 10 questions and I tag:

if you're reading this and want to do it then do and say I tagged you :)  

Monday, 23 September 2013

Random Things I've Been Loving… TAG

So I was watching Avia from The Sparkleicious (again) and on her YouTube channel she did a random favourites kind of video and I thought that's a fab idea for a blog post (especially when you've been on holiday at Butlins for a week with kiddies and don't have a lot of other things to report on haha).

So below are a few of the random things I've been loving for the past few weeks. And as the title suggests it's all a bit random with beauty, makeup and homewares. 

Brownie Delight

First I have been loving this Brownie Delight smelling candle from Village Candles. Think Yankee but not. It smells AMAZING. Imagine a hot chocolate fudge cake, melting away in front of your face… well this is like that and it smell so realistic that I generally want to eat it (plus when the wax is all melted it looks like chocolate sauce haha). It smells great and fills the room with the scent too which I love with a candle. Plus I find it helps to cure my chocolate cravings which is fantastic seen as I'm on Slimming World and don't want to eat too much chocolatey goodness! 

Palmer's Firming Butter

Now onto another chocolatey scented product, but this time in the form of Palmer's Firming Butter. It smells delicious, just like all of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter products do and it says firming on the bottle… WINNER! My boyfriend says he can notice a change in the appearance of my skin (I'm using it to help tighten up my thighs, love handle area and tummy) so that's a bonus too. It's really moisturising though so I love it for that regardless and if it is firming my skin then yay bonus.
Be Delicious DKNY

I've just realised that my next random favourite is also a foodie smelling item… the Be Delicious Perfume from DKNY! The one I have is the Intense Golden Delicious one and it smells so so yummy. It's a girly grown up scent and smells very fruity, so if you're looking for a scent which is mature yet fruity, sexy and pretty then this one is definitely a winner. I got this as a birthday gift from my work colleagues too which was lush.

Barry M Nail Colour

Next up is a nail varnish (you know I love my nails) and this one is a Barry M Glossy. It's very shiny, you can get opaque colour in just one coat and the colour looks fab when you've just cut your nails so they're not as long (I always think red looks better on shorter nails, looks less garish and tallon like haha.. my personal opinion though okay? I prefer red nails on me when my nails are shorter :]) The colour here is Blood Orange and it's really nice. It's a little more orange than a cherry red but it's no where near a coral and for me I think it's the perfect red shade. What'd you think?

MUA Power Pout

And on next to a lippy. Seen as the colder weather is setting in and autumn is here, the darker lip is making an appearance. I don't like to wear anything too dark as i have a habit of biting my lips so it ends up like all over my face and my lips look very patchy so I thought I'd try this lip tint and stain by MUA. It's their version of a chubby stick and called the Power Pout which  think sounds pretty cool. I bought it ages ago and loved wearing it and then when summer hit a bit more I wore lighter colours and balms but this beauty has been sitting on my lips for the past few weeks now every single day (even at Butlins) haha. So definitely a favourite of mine. It's really moisturising too and doesn't dry your lips out and when the balm is gone your lips are stained to the colour stays put for quite a while. I like to reapply though as I like the moisture it gives. The shade I have it Crazy In Love and it's so pretty.

So there you have it, a few of my random faves for September. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post soon!! 

Becs x