Saturday, 3 November 2012

Beauty goes green- Eco Age of beauty

So what makes a beauty product truly green?

Being green has become the new big thing. Everybody is stepping into the green revolution where being environmentally friendly is the name of the game. We’ve already seen ‘green’ hitting the high street with eco friendly clothes, products and the iconic bag for life, but the beauty counter is also a big contender in the green war.

So what really makes a beauty product green? There are so many products out there that promise to be environmentally friendly, be made from natural and organic products and to do wonders for your skin due to their plant extracts. So how do we really know what’s green and what’s faking it?

When I think of natural beauty products two brands come to my mind, The Body Shop and Lush. Both these brands commit themselves to being green and eco friendly, with all their products being natural and free from chemicals and artificial bits and bobs. 

I love the fact that specific brands pride themselves of being natural and green. These products are often tipped at being slightly more expensive than other brands, but when you think of how much more work has gone into sourcing the ingredients naturally and making them individually, rather than products being massed produced, it’s worth that extra bit of cash. 
Take Lush for example. It’s always a nice little gesture when you buy a bath bomb from them because you can always see that it’s a unique product and looks different to all the others on the shelf. This makes the green side of beauty a bit more quirky and fun than it first seems. 

Another big beauty buzz is that of Mineral Makeup, the healthier alternative to liquid and pressed products. The Mineral Makeup phase is continuing after last year’s hype and everyone is still loving that ‘no makeup feeling’ it leaves you with. As it says on the tin, all the mineral products are mineral based and they’re one of the newest and best known Green beauty products available right now.

But as beauty itself is becoming more universal, the green side of beauty is stretching beyond the fancy beauty counters and past the big brand names. Natural DIY beauty products, regimes and tricks are the new green beauty. 

What could be more green than making products yourself out of all natural ingredients?  

There are so many simple and easy things that you can use to make green beauty products at home and some of them are so easy you could do it in minutes.
Take a lemon for example.  
The yellow citrus fruit, packed with Vitamin C is a great health benefit. They contain natural antioxidants that battle the signs of aging and their acidic properties make them great for drawing out impurities. Lemons are a beauty secret that has been used for generations causing some lemon infused products can be expensive. Using this simple fruit and some things from your kitchen cupboard you can easily knock up some beauty concoctions for next to nothing. Lemon juice can be used to make a quick refreshing toner. Mixing together lemon juice, water and witch hazel makes a light formula which is suitable for everyday use. You can also mix lemon juice with oatmeal and a bit of honey for a facial scrub. And for a cheap moisturiser, shake up lemon juice, almond oil and honey and there you go.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy as the phrase goes.

It doesn’t just stop at lemons though. 

Many fruits are a big part of the beauty industry and can be made into products at home. Next time you have a pineapple in your fruit bowl, instead of just sticking it into a fruit salad, why not try popping it onto your face!? Pineapple is high in bromelain, an enzyme found in abundance in pineapple’s flesh. This works great on your skin as a skin polisher, and also combats large pores and flakiness. Or why not try using the humble pear? Peel it, mash it and mix it with some sour cream and honey, for a mask that will combat redness and ease tight sunburned skin. How’s that for a fruity surprise?

So... the green side of beauty. Can you get any more green than making a beauty product at home? You’re saving on the packaging and the money and most importantly, you know that it’s actually a natural product. So is DIY beauty the greenest of them all? I’ll let you decide. But I know I’ll be popping a few lemons into my basket next time I’m out getting my groceries.