Tuesday, 1 May 2012

These are some BIG beauties

I have a product rave! This doesn't happen to me often as I switch up things all the time but after discovering these in August last year I can tell you now, I LOVE :)

And here are the items of my affection- the Body Shop shower gels. Now I love the massive pump bottle ones. They're 750ml each and they smell Devine!! You literally want to eat them. And the best thing about them? They last for ages! Literally! I discovered these when my friend got me the Moringa one for my birthday last August. I've used it every single day since then & it's now the following October and I've just finished the bottle!! Not even kidding!
This stuff is a little gem! Well big gem really.
Sad thing is I went into the Body Shop recently to purchase another one and they no longer stock the big bottles with the pump BUT (it's a good BUT though) you can still pick them up in body shop outlets! I got my two new ones from the Swindon Designer Outlet and they were 2 for £10.50. Bargain when you think that's like 2 years worth of shower gel!
My 2 new purchases were the strawberry one and it smells like heaven. If you've ever smelt the strawberry Body Shop body butter it's the exact same smell. Gorgeous!! The second one I got was the pink grapefruit and it is lush. It smells so refreshing and clean- a great one to get you up in the morning!!

They're awesome & if you can find them they are a definite good buy! They still sell all the shower gels but just not in the big pump bottles :)


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