Thursday, 10 May 2012


So I haven't posted in a few days & that is because I have been really poorly. Had that awful cold & cough thing. Honestly I have never coughed like it & am still coughing now. I gave up on sleep last night & resorted to watching countless episodes of Location Location Location on 4OD on my iPhone. Got to love Kirsty & Phill :) Made it a better night that trying to sleep was being anyway.
Well apart from being ill I also had a final law exam to contend with & revision when fun isn't great & neither is sitting an exam whilst coughing up your guts and your nose dribbling everywhere. Yep, what an attractive image -_-
I'm currently being a child & sat in bed wearing my glasses & watching good old children's classic Rosie & Jim. And I really am watching the old classics as the DVD I'm watching is from an old video. Couldn't bare to loose that part of childhood haha. I even have Rosie & Jim rag dolls, life size too, and they're awesome. They're made by the actual people who made the original dolls for the tv show so they are so authentic :) Sad but amazing!!! And I am ill so celebrating the fact I have them is currently allowed :)
Hopefully I'll be lots better soon & be able to get some decent products, do some reviews, hauls & more OOTD.

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