Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let's get this party started!

Wow! It has been officially AGES since I last posted here! Saying I have been busy is possibly a massive understatement but I should not use it as an excuse (but I kinda am anyway. Cheeeeky)
Life has been mental the past few months as Uni is coming to a close & I have to be a big girl now!
Dissertation is in!!!!
Ultra scary having to apply for proper jobs & act all profesh! Eeeee. I'm also super exited as I want to do something with my life now as I've spent so much of it in education. But on 25 May (this month & in 24 days time) my education is officially over. Scary stuff!! My degree will be done & the world will be my little gem.

Currently revising law!

But what to do now?! I'm applying for jobs and placements and internships and grad schemes and traineeships so much that they're coming out of my ears, but secretly I really want to travel and work in Australia for 3-6 months. I'm thinking going January :) but this means saving & currently with only a weekend job I will struggle immensely! Boooooo.

Any who, enough of the ramble ramble I need to do something constructive on this blogging scene, you get me ;) yes bruce (I so wrote bruv then, but auto correct changed it to Bruce. So much cooler :P)
I'm doing some shopping tomorrow to get away from law exam revision do may do a blog haul inc some bits I've bought within the last few weeks.
What'd we think about that? Is it goooood? Sparkly? Fantastico?
I hope so.
Keep your eyes peeled, and hearts open for some craaaaazy bargains!

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