Saturday, 14 January 2012

Panoxyl 5% Gel

Recently I have had such awful skin! I've started going to the gym loads more & do a lot of exercise classes & I think getting so hot & sweaty (oh how attractive) so often, has played havoc with my skin.

When I was about 12-16 I suffered with acne and was prescribed Panoxyl 5% gel by my doctor. It worked for me back then so now at the age of 20 & my horrible skin has made a new appearance I thought I'd go and purchase a tube of it. It cost me £3:67 from a Lloyds Pharmacy from where I live in the UK. I couldn't be bothered with going to the drs again so just cut out the middle man & got it myself.

Panoxyl is a drying product. It contains benzyl paroxide which is used to treat acne. You have to apply a tiny amount onto the affected area of skin & let it absorb. I'm on day 4 now & have applied it every evening. I put it on after taking all my makeup off & cleansing my face as normal, around 2 hours before I go to bed. Then before I get into bed I apply my normal moisturiser as this will dry your face out no end.

So far, on day 4, my spots I had before have reduced in size. I don't expect miracles as it's only been a few days & I know from experience that it takes about a week/2 weeks to see a real benefit. The areas where I've applied the gel are very dry. It kind of feels like when you've applied a peel off face mask, except you can't peel it off. So I cannot stress enough the importance of moisturiser when using this product & a light exfoliator a few times a week will help too.
After a while though the dryness should ease (well it did when I used it before) so I'm hoping that by the time I've used it a week, it should start to get better.

I'll pop back with an update soon & maybe a few pics of my skin.

So far here is my skin on day 4

Hopefully it'll get better!

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