Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Let it be said....

world's biggest grin 

I think it can only be said that I have majorly slacked with this for the last few months! Uni has been hectic and exciting and I'm getting all ready to start the real world next year. Can't believe that in May 2012 I leave education forever!! Done with school, 6th Form and University and off to start a career somewhere. It's pretty exciting. I seriously can't wait to start my life somewhere new. Granted, I'm Stroud and Proud, but in ways I can't wait to start some place else. 

So what have I been up to in the past few months?
Well, Love Life has stayed the same. Over a year and a half of being a single pringle who does not mingle. Although this seems sad and sappy I seem to be getting on rather well. 
Uni is just uni. Hectic, a lot of work and I'm looking forward to flying out of there with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. 
Have been working down me old fav supermarket getting myself some pennies.
And most importantly having fun with my fabulous friends and family.
BIG LOVE to you guys <3
So, with everything underway I hope a new year brings a out a new blogger in me and one who will do more!! Such a lazy bum.
So keep posted and I'll see you soon

Monday, 25 July 2011

Get that Boho Chic Look

Boho Hippie Chic- The summer style of 2011

Every year we see new trends rocking up that cat walk. We've seen fashion reborn from the 60s, 70s and 80s and retro items making a come back. There is always going to be something out there that suits you, and this year it's the rise of Boho Hippie Chic. This style has been a recurring fashion since around 2007. We've all seen the celebs donning florals and ethnic prints. Think festivals. Think Glastonbury, Reading, Big Chill (just to name a few). Boho Hippie Chic is the fashion of the festivals, and every year it recreates itself into something slightly different and unique.

This year it's all about Maxi. Maxi trousers, Maxi skirts, Maxi dresses. Everywhere you look in the high street you'll see Maxi starring back at you. Whether it's plain, patterned or florals, wear maxi this summer and the Boho Hippie Chic look is yours.

So with Maxi dresses you can team pretty much any summer cover up. From big chunky knit cardigans to thin shawls, you can pretty much put anything over it. For a real Boho festival look try a lace waistcoat in the more summery warm weather. These are every where at the moment and are a big fashion item this year. Definitely a wardrobe must have. Pair this with some gorgeous gladiator sandals and your maxi dress look is pretty much done.

Maxi skirts are an easy way to get summer chic without having to put in too much effort. If it's patterned, pair it with a plain top and if it's plain, pair with a bright patterned top. It's all about detail but not over doing it. Accessorise it the same way you would with a maxi dress, with chunky jewellery and gladiator charm.

And now for the Maxi trousers. These really are a new thing this season and boy they are everywhere. There are so many designs to choose from but floral is definitely a good one. The soft florals on the bold wide leg make the Boho hippie chic look easy for those who don't like being ultra girly. Pair these with plain or patterned tops (depending on the style of the trousers) and you're away. For plain maxi trousers, a great look is too tuck in a chiffon blouse. This is a perfect combination for those cooler summer evenings, and is still fashionable, summery and chic.

If maxi isn't your style, for this look you can always turn to old faithful denim. Cut off shorts are always big in the summer months and this year's no different. High waisted is the way to go this year, making the most of those feminie figures. Denim goes with everthing too (Apart from denim, unless you want the bad 80s revived, avoid the double denim look). To create the boho hippie chic with denim, pair with floral, ethnic or floaty tops. Fringed tops are also a main trend, so team this with shorts for a slight rockerish twist.

Playsuits and jumpsuits are also a big boho trend. Think back to when romper suits in the 90s were a fashion statement. All fashion comes back around the the playsuit is no different. They're all over the high street with every style imaginable. From trousers to shorts, from floral to plain. These all in ones look great on all body shapes, slimming down curvy girls and giving gorgeous curves to even the most boyish of frames. Accessories these with anything you like. The more over the top the better for this boho look.

Layering also makes this look! Layer tops, vests, waistcoats with cardigans, scarves, coats and jackets. Also layer your jewellery. Wear big bold necklaces with daintier ones to create that girly look.

Headbands are another big statement item this summer. Flowers, feathers, ribbon, leather, suede, you name it and there's a headband for it. This summery hair accessory is a must have if you want to get this look. It gives a chic but messy look. They give the impression that you've made more of an effort than you actually have. Try textured beachy waves, spritzed through with some salt spray, then pop on a headband just across the front. Don't put it behind your ears and fringe like you used to at school, throw it over your fringe and pull and tug bits out to give that textured and big volumised look.

Now shoes. What shoes go with Boho hippie chic I hear you ask? Well think gladiator sandals, leather style flip flops, pumps, canvas mules and for the wetter days you can even pull it off with military style boots or wellies.

You don't have to spend loads to achieve this boho look either. It's all on the high street straight from the cat walk. And as it's a recurring fashion, check your wardrobe from past year's summer clothes.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Top 5 Tans

Top 5

5- Sally Hansen air brush legs.
This product comes as a liquid mist and is applied by spraying it onto the skin. It's not a bad idea but I personally find the spray bottles hard to use. I can never quite manage to cover my whole leg evenly. I always end up with a few dark patches where the spray has fallen onto an area I've previously coloured. The colour is a deep brown with no orangey tinge which is great. They've recently changed the formula so that all the shades now have a slight shimmer, so there is a danger that if you do over apply it you may sparkle in the sun & do an Edward from twilight !
It stays on a while but it doesn't say anywhere on the packagingoboe long it should last so there's no fibbing. Impressive colour for the price (around £7). Gives an airbrushed finish and looks natural.
Why number 5? I find this product can streak a lot if not applied quick enough & with only a few fluid moments. You can't rub or blend it in either which I'm not a huge fan of. I think if you can get on with the spray bottle & stick with it enough it'll be fab.

4-St Moritz: Definitely the best cheap fake tan out there. The mouse formula goes on really well and doesn't streak. The mouse is tinted brow so the colour is instant & you can see where it's been applied, giving you flawless coverage. The colour is pretty deep so you don't have to keep reapplying it day after day. Shaving does take the colour off but if you apply it after each time you shave your colour will stay consistent and natural. The mouse formula can be quite drying so I often team this with my Garnier summer body ( apply St Moritz one day, Garnier the next) to keep me moisturiser and the colour consistent.
Why number 4? It's a great price (like £2.99) and last ages. It's my turn to official fake take ( not a gradual or wash off) if you're looking for a proper fake tan which is apparent after one use then this is fab. Cheap, amazing and a dupe for St Tropez. Bargain!

3- Rimmel wash off: This is great for a quick fix. Just rub it in and away you go. Last until you wash it off. I didn't experience any streaking when using this & the colour was a golden brown natural tanned colour. I used the medium matte one & that suited my colouring well. It's easy to apply & soaks into the skin quickly. 5 minutes & you're ready to get dressed. There isn't a strong smell either and it doesn't leave that lingering biscuity scent. There isn't any residue with this product & it doesn't transfer onto your clothes. As it's wash off, if you do go out in the rain it may run ( I didn't get caught in a shower whilst wearing it but I suppose it's something to be aware of). It takes some scrubbing in the shower though so it shouldn't make too much of an impact if you do get caught out by the rain. It applies like a creamy gel and is dark brown in colouring. When you first apply it's like wow that's so dark! But it does blend really well and leaves you with a natural streak free finish. Perfect for those nights out where you want bronzed gorgeous legs in a hurry!!
Why number 3? It's simple, it's fab! I prefer the gradual tanners which is why it's personally not my number 1 but the reason I love it is that the colour is intense and natural and the finish is matte and gorgeous. AND it's wash off which I think is great. Even if you applied it & messed up, you'd be able to jump in the shower and wash it off, and start again. Amazing product!!

2- Johnsons holiday skin:
As I love gradual fake tans this is another one of my faves. There is a very slight fake tan biscuity smell but its only very light. You can't smell it when applying or when it's absorbing into the skin. Usually, as I apply it at night, the smell starts when I'm asleep & by morning there is no smell. It applies as a moisturiser which I love but after you've applied it your legs feel really sticky. I use the darkest one as I find if you want to use this to moisturise on top of other tanners it gives the best all round coverage and colour. As with other gradual tanners there isn't much of a colour after first use so you do have to reapply. As with my Number 1 fav product, I'd start applying this up to a week in advance of when you want the colour to come out. It absorbs a lot slower than the Garnier one as it takes up to half hour to an our to completely soak in. It's a fairly running consistency and is more like the consistency of a thin suncream than a moisturiser. It's around £5 which is great and lasts ages as you dont need a lot for each application.
As with Garnier, if you are shaving everyday and not reapplying the colour will fade quicker but I find this with most tanning products anyway so it doesn't bother me.
Why number 2: It wouldn't have been my top product until I tried Garnier. The colour of this one is good but after a while starts to look yellowy.

1- Garnier Summer Body: I prefer to have a colour that builds up gradually than one that's instantly apparent. It take about 2/3 applications before you notice a difference so if you want to be bronzed for a special occasion I'd recommend starting to apply about 5/7 days in advance. The product is so easy to use as it acts as a moisturiser. I just use it for my legs, so after showering I rub it in and let it soak into the skin. It's very moisturising and takes about 5 minutes to fully absorb. The quality of the colour is good and suits my skin tone. I use the Deep shade as it gives a more noticeable colour on my light skin. I know some people think that gradual tans look more orange but I've never found that with this product. Perfect really. It doesn't just wash off either so shaving wont ruin the colour. Obviously if you shave everyday & aren't re applying the product you'd notice your colour fading but personally I don't find this a problem. There isn't a fake tan smell just a fruity fragrance. It smells of delicious apricots and is really fruity. It's kinda tropical and reminds me of hot beach holidays (which is always a good thing) The consistency is that of a nourishing moisturiser, it's not like milk but isn't a thick cream either. It's a light non sticky formula and feels a bit like a gel. I get no streaks with it and the colour is good.
Why number 1? It's my holy grail and I just love it.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Style : Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson who's played Hermione Granger in all 8 Harry Potter films has come along way from her innocent character and is becoming noticed more as a style icon now than ever before.

So from school to Harry Potter to a celebrity starlet, let's see where her iconic status has come from.

Q: Where did she begin?
A: Emma Watson started off life as a normal school girl who enjoyed acting and loved being in school plays. She wanted to act since she was young and went to the part time Stagecoach Theatre Arts school in Oxford. As soon as casting started, to seek out a talented youngster to play Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, Emma hit our screen. She was cast to play the young witch when she was just nine years old and from 2001 she's been in our cinemas with Daniel and Rupert and creating a house hold name for herself. Her first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone bagged her the Youth Artist Award for Leading Young Actress. After making it big in J.K Rowlings best selling collection, she moved onto smaller projects like BBC Film Ballet Shoes, and also tried her hand at voicing animation in the Universal Pictures Film The Tale of Despereaux. A few years on and she's still known to most of us as young Hermione Granger, but the 21 year old is now a fashion icon just as much as she is an actress. Her modelling career is starting to spread after her debut model shoot for Burberry's autumn/winter collection back in 2009. Her classic and modern style is loved across the world, and we can see how she's grown up within the fashion world.

Q: How has she captivated us with her magical style this year?
A: Even though we're only just over half way through this year, 2011 has been a great year so far for Emma Watson. She's done everything from being on the Cover of American Vogue and making everyone want her superstar look to winning an iconic Style Icon award. She's even supporting fair trade by putting her name to fair trade products. She's graced us at the MTV awards and wowed us at the Baftas. Her style so far has gone from strength to strength with many a girl wanting to rock her new hair do! One look that's really done it for Emma this year, is the cream military style shoulder dress she transformed herself with at the MTV Movie awards. She wowed the red carpet looking gorgeous in this Marchesa figure hugging Mini. The detail on the shoulders and the neckline made her send a magical spark to fashion hunters across the globe. The cap sleeves gave her an elegance only she could show off. The flaming siren really was a stuinning vision in White and to finish off her look she paired it with some silver Brian Attwood 'Maniac' platform pumps. Her low statement jewellery was the perfect combination to such a detailed dress and her pair of dangley earrings completed the look.

Q: And finally how is her fashion getting her noticed?
A: Well awards are nothing new to Emma after her success with her Harry Potter career and now she's getting awards and iconic statuses for her style. At this Year's Elle Style Awards she was named Style Icon and was presented her award by Vivvian Westwood. Her dress for the ocassion was a gorgeous cut out nude coloured Hakaan dress and she wore Christian Louboutin shoes to complete her edgy look. Days before she was wearing a completely different look, wearing a cream pleated chifon, one shoulder dress from the Valentino Spring 2011 Couture collection. She's also been named this Year's Britain's Best Dressed after beating Kate Moss and piping Victoria Beckham to the post.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation: Review

When I saw that another Rimmel Foundation came out I was pretty happy as in the past their range has done me well. I popped to my local Tesco and grabbed the shade Ivory 100, and popped it in my basket excited to give it a try. At a price of £6.99 (well that's what I paid for it anyway, if you happen to get it cheaper luck you) I was pretty chuffed.

When I got it home I had a proper look at it and read all the info sminfo on the back. Its 1fl oz or 30ml so I think for the price you get a lot of product.
25 hours?! I think we all know that it would never last 25 hours so I didn't hold high expectations on that. The bottle is glass and it has a pump so it's easy to get the product out. It does pump out pretty fast though as it's quite liquidy so you don't need too much before you have enough for full face coverage.

The coverage of the foundation I would say was medium. I have a pretty red face and have a lot of discolouration so I tend to need full coverage foundations, but saying that, their foundations in the past have served me well. The first time I applied it I used a foundation brush. I found that the product didn't blend overly well with this method so went for slapping it on with my fingers instead. Applying it with my fingers it was a lot more blendable, probably due to the heat of my hands helping to melt the foundation into my skin. It gives off quite a dewy finish though so if you suffer with oily skin this might not be the best purchase you've ever made.

Now for the big question: How long does it actually last? Well for me not long at all. I use a primer and concealer before applying the foundation which I though may give it a longer lasting appeal but apparently not. I can put this on in the morning, say at like 8am and by the time lunch time hits at 1pm its started to slide around my face and little splodges of it appear around areas such as my nose. If you carry it round with you and are able to touch up during the day it would probably wear a lot better, but I don't have the time to do that so am having to deal with a shiny face for the majority of the day. Setting it with powder didn't help that much either but it did give it a bit more hold.

Overall, I think it is a good product for the price and if you can touch it up and keep checking it in the mirror all day I think you'd be able to get on fine with it. For me though it isn't a new holy grail product. But for £6.99 I'm not gonna grumble and I don't regret buying it. I'll just wear it when I know I can keep tabs on it and if I know I don't need it on for long. Simples! :)

Muchos Love

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Now that I have time to start up a blog again I shall. Uni has utterly swamped me for the past few months with exams and lots of stress, BUT that is all over now (until September at least) ...so I can get back on with my blog and reviewing again.

My previous blog has kinda died so I thought I'd open up this box of tricks and start a new fresh one for the new year, so to speak.

Anyway enough rambling, I hope you enjoy

Muchos Love